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gold complete plus protection plan

Protect your new furniture from the stains and damage of a life well-lived.

Because your table may double as an art studio, act now to help your furniture outlast years of creativity. The Guardsman ® Gold Complete Plus Furniture Protection Plan lets you Furnish Fearlessly, knowing that expert Guardsman technicians can clean and restore your furniture to a look you'll love a long, long time.


  • READ YOUR PLAN carefully to understand what 's to fabric, leather,'* and vinyl, such as covered (and not covered) and how to get help when you need it. Questions? Call for answers now.
  • BLOT STAINS with a clean, dry cloth before calling us, but don't attempt to clean the stain further until we give you specific instructions.
  • ACT FAST because many stains and damage issues are time-sensitive ... so is your plan. You must call within 30 days of when the stain or damage occurred.
  • CALL US AT 877.584. GOLD (4653) to request service. Have your receipt and plan number handy.



  • bleach
  • grass
  • cosmetics
  • grease
  • crayon
  • ink
  • glue
  • lotion
  • marker
  • mud
  • oil
  • tar

  • cheese sauce
  • juice
  • pizza
  • chocolate
  • ketchup
  • popcorn
  • gum
  • mayonnaise
  • soda
  • ice cream
  • mustard
  • wine

HUMAN & PET BIOLOGICAL STAINS on fabric, leather, vinyl, and wood, such as:
  • blood
  • urine
  • saliva
  • vomit
Accumulation of stains, soil build-up over time, perspiration, hair and body oils are not covered by this plan.
ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE to wood and other hard surfaces, such as:
  • breakage
  • bubbling
  • cigarette burns
  • checking of finish
  • chip
  • cracking
  • pet teeth marks
  • gouge
  • heat mark
  • liquid mark
  • loss of silvering
  • peeling
  • scratch
to fabric, leather,'* and vinyl, such as
  • cigarette burns
  • separated seam
  • broken mechanism
  • claw tears
  • puncture
  • cut
  • rip or tear
  • broken frame

* Your retailer has a complete set of terms and conditions, including coverages, limitations, and exclusions, available for review. Ask your sales associate to review a sample of the plan before purchasing.
** Surface scratches on leather are not covered.
*** Only one incident per furniture piece.
This document is not your protection plan. If you have not received your plan within 14 days of your furniture delivery, please call 877.584.GOLD ( 4653).

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