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What Does Your Living Room Style Say About You?

What Does Your Living Room Style Say About You?

What Does Your Living Room Style Say About You?
Designing your home is a personal process. The furniture you choose can reveal insights about your values, interests, and style. Since the living room is ideal for both hosting and relaxing, it can often be the clearest window into your identity. To better understand how your furniture speaks for you, we’re evaluating some of our most well-loved living room pieces. Read on to discover more about your style!

Fairbanks Sofa

Coastal and cool, you’re organized, thoughtful, and relaxed. You love to surround yourself with shades of blue and green and your motto is “go with the flow”. Though you’re always put- together, you never stress the details. You love a look that’s casual, but neat, which is why you enjoy the airy and clean feel of the Fairbanks.

Emerson Power Recliner

Comfort is your priority, but you wouldn’t dare sacrifice style. While you easily get lost in books, movies, and daydreams, you’re actually a realist who values practicality. You’re extremely intentional with your décor, which is why the Emerson Power Recliner is your favorite piece of furniture. You like the convenience of its power reclining system and USB port, but you love the soft, smooth feel of the top-grain leather.

Mitchum Leather Sofa

You appreciate the finer things in life, but like to keep things classic. You enjoy film-noir, and your go-to meal is a fancy steak dinner. You know exactly what you like, and refuse to settle for anything less, which is why you love this buttery soft Mitchum Leather Sofa. Classic, tasteful, and sumptuous, it represents everything you love in life.

Stuart Crypton Sectional

You never seem to run out of energy, which is a good thing, since you are constantly on the go. Family is your priority, and you probably have a dog (or three), but even with a full house, you’re never stressed about stains with your performance fabric Stuart Sectional. You love cozy accessories, and playing with texture, so you always keep plenty of soft throws around. When you aren’t walking the dogs or helping the kids with homework, you’re cuddled up in the living room enjoying quality time with Stuart.

Camby Sofa

Confident and chic, you lean towards perfectionism with everything in life. You love Sofia Coppola films (especially Marie Antoinette) and enjoy the ritual of afternoon tea. While you lean towards glam styles, you prefer sensible and dainty décor to large statement pieces. You preach self-care, and your ideal Friday night features a glass of wine and a facemask. With a living room as well-decorated as yours, who would want to go out?

Remington Sectional

An extrovert to your core, you are the life of any party. Regardless of the occasion, you are always looking for an excuse to host the best event ever. You’re a people-person with a big heart, and therefore extremely skilled at reading others’ emotions. Everyone gushes over how great of a cook you are, and you love watching people enjoy your food, and enjoy life in general, which is why you love the spacious, richly soft, Remington Sectional.

Atwood Sectional

Calm, decisive, and collected, you pride yourself on being straightforward. You’re the first person friends will come to when they want sound advice. You are fiercely independent, and appreciate the natural beauty in life, which is why you like simple designs, with clean, contemporary styles. You love the neat, track arms on the Atwood Sectional and appreciate the versatility of its streamlined silhouette.

Explore these sofas, sectionals, recliners, and more on our website or at your nearest store. We’ll help you find the piece that speaks for you!

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