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Style Workshop!

Style Workshop!

Style Workshop!
We had a fabulous turnout at our "Get it Right, Every Time" Style Workshop on Wednesday night at our new Westborough Store. Guests enjoyed free gifts, special discounts, hors d'oeuvres & wine, and of course a truly fabulous seminar by Designer Elena Salij...all for free! Make sure you get the next workshop invite by joining our VIP email list or following our blog! Below are a few photos from the evening as well as some of the designer tips shared!
Awaiting arrival of our guests!
Designer Tip #1: Designers don't make up designs in their heads, they study existing images from books, magazines, catalogs and websites - and adapt to their own taste. Don't feel like you need to make it up either! Invest in some magazines and bring in tear sheets for inspiration when shopping.  
Snacks, wine, and gift bags to get the evening started!
Designer Tip #2: You can speak "furniture" lingo with confidence. Key style terms: learn arm styles, leg styles and sofa shapes. When is doubt what you're looking for is probably "transitional" style - a blend of traditional and contemporary. Key fabric terms: learn the differences between natural & synthetic fibers - when in doubt what you're looking for is probably a blend also - the best of both worlds.
Our Westborough Store Manager welcoming everyone.
Designer Tip #3: Coordinating color, pattern & design is so easy a 4th grader can do it - all you need is a color wheel. Complimentary color schemes, monochromatic and analogous - everything you need to know about getting colors right can be found in a color wheel.
And the seminar begins...
Designer Tip #4: Painting is the easiest and cheapest thing to change in a room and can have the biggest impact. If you want a room to look bigger don't paint it white!

If you would like to set up a free in-store design consultation at any one of our locations with one of our talented Design Associates, sign up online!

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