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Upcycle Your Wine Bottles!

Upcycle Your Wine Bottles!

Upcycle Your Wine Bottles!

Instead of tossing your empty wine bottles out, try upcycling them into something better! You would be amazed at how many different ways there are to reuse. Take this DIY chandelier for example, how amazing does this look!?


They make great candle holders both inside and out.

winebottlevotivesleft image, right image

You can choose to decorate the bottles or leave them plain but a small string of lights or a flickering LED candle is perfect for adding a little twinkle.

RopeLightsleft image, right image

Wine bottles a great shape to use as vases. Try painting them with metallic spray paint or chalkboard paint to make a unique centerpiece!

Paintedleft image, right image

How cute do they look mounted on the wall? This DIY tutorial explains how to make these yourself.

winebottlevases_1 They can also be hung outside as planters like these below.


They can even be easily transformed into a hummingbird feeder.

BirdFeederleft image, right image

Make your own DIY tiki torches! Both functional for keeping bugs away and adds ambiance to your outdoor space.

finalgreen Decorate for the holidays by creating crafty centerpieces.

Holidaysleft image, right image

Not only decorative but functional - keep your boots from getting slouched and ruined by using wine bottles to keep their upright shape. Boots image via

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