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Speak to your style: bespoke fabrics

speak to your style: bespoke fabrics

speak to your style: bespoke fabrics
One common misconception is that just because you see a sofa with a neutral fabric, like gray or beige, you’re stuck with that one color option. Not true! There are often hundreds of fabric options that encompass many different colors, textures, and weaves. We say—especially this month during our biggest sale—spice it up! Sloane Sofa with Fabric choices Sloane sectional with other available fabrics, and many more not shown. Free upgrades this month. Create a bespoke, very YOU piece of furniture whether it be color, fabric, or configuration on almost any sofa, sectional or accent chair.
“Okay…so I have all these fabric choices. What do they all represent and how will they fit in with my existing (or desired) home decor?”
First, it is important to consider things like, What prints or patterns are on trend? What colors do I want in my home? And also, What fits certain styles? For instance, how do you accent traditional spaces best, or what can translate to an easy-breezy casual vibe? Your wish is our command: let’s speak about bespoke! Traditional Fabrics and Styles Timeless and Classic Traditional doesn’t mean boring. Quite the opposite: it means confident, always-in style. Think patterns like paisley, floral and stripes.  Certain colors can also jive with classic styles, too. Most commonly you'll see navy, emerald green, and red in a traditional room, but silvery tones like gray or gold can spice it up.  Can’t commit to a navy sofa? Accessories go a long way, too. All can serve to offset your neutral-toned pieces. verona Bohemian Eclectic and International Like we mentioned in a recent blog, patterns like ikat add a globally inspired flair to your home with their bold hues derived from a natural vegetable dyeing process. Other details like lower seating and pitched back chairs also give off that same vibe. Colors are deeper, along with unexpected mixes like teal with brown, or orange with pink. Boho Style is on trend right now, mixing well with mid-century modern styling.  The whole look evokes freedom and creativity, daring to be different and to stand out. Lastly, tribal patterns can also add eclecticism and symmetry, along with a worldly quality. Blog collageContemporary Bold Patterns, Bright Colors, and Clean lines Speaking of symmetry, on-trend patterns like chevron, checkered and geometric prints are the perfect representation of contemporary style.  Styles here are clean and uncluttered, with details being simple, like a button back, or a track arm on a sofa.  Fabrics are bolder and more graphic in nature, and contemporary textiles are usually flatter and tailor beautifully. Draper sectional sofa Casual Coastal Casual Coastal style in home décor is something we know well, and we know you will love it! It can be an oceanic theme for a seaside vacation home, or it can simply mean vibrant and fun—while still evoking a “let loose” attitude. Think colors like coral & trendy prints like lattice, polka dots or stripes.  Coastal does not have to be overt, it can just be a feeling that your home invokes. Even using very light colors and white, will do the trick. Yes, you want to live at the beach, even if you don’t! Dora Custom Upholstery Sale Does “free” fabric upgrades mean a deal for me? Yes. Creating your own custom sofa can sometimes be costly, as fabrics come in many grades and price points. The beauty of our upholstery sale is that you can pick from hundreds of fabrics, and regardless if they're more expensive than a plain basic, it won’t cost you more. So now’s the time…customize away!  Here’s how:
  • Connect with one of our designers for some at-home assistance. They can create an idea board for you right on the spot or a more detailed visualization with measurements right in your home, and email or text you different options.
  • Visit the store nearest you and get some ideas.
See you soon!

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