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Refresh Your Guest Room for Holiday Hosting

Refresh Your Guest Room for Holiday Hosting

Refresh Your Guest Room for Holiday Hosting

‘Tis the season to set up the guest beds and bring out the “good dishes”, because holiday hosting is on the horizon. As you welcome friends and family into your homes to celebrate the upcoming festivities, it’s important to ensure that each of your guests feels as comfortable as possible. From fresh linens to thoughtful decorations, let’s explore some helpful hosting tips that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Storage Space

Maybe you already have a guest room set up, or maybe you don’t! Either way, it’s important to give your guests enough space and options to comfortably store their personal items. A standard dresser, chest, or armoire are all great choices; just be sure to clear any drawers out prior to your guest’s arrival. Likewise, it’s important to empty out any closet space for your visitors and give them plenty of extra hangers, but if your guest room doesn’t have a closet, feel free to get creative and opt for a clothing rack. Lacking the room for additional furniture? storage beds can be a great choice for maximizing space and achieving a clean, well-balanced feel in smaller rooms.

Sleeping Essentials

The most important factor to consider about your guest room is the bed itself. It’s likely where your guest will be spending most of their time when they’re in the room, and therefore it has the capability to make the largest impact. So, if you haven’t refreshed your guest room in a while, it may be worth investing in a new mattress. This high-impact update might seem excessive, but trust us, your guests will feel the difference and absolutely appreciate it.

For smaller, more cost-effective refreshes, be sure to make the bed with fresh linens and bedding and add plenty of extra blankets and pillows. These additional layers will not only provide added comfort, but they’ll also effortlessly elevate the room with added depth and warmth.

Depending on how many guests you’ll have staying with you and the amount of room you have in your home, you may want to consider additional sleeping options. While air mattresses or trundle beds are both great choices, our favorite stylish and space-efficient alternative are sleeper sofas. Providing extra bedding in a pinch, sleeper sofas easily transform from a regular sofa into an additional bed and are great ways to maximize functionality and style in your guest room.

Thoughtful Touches

Being a good host is about more than providing your guests with just a place to sleep; it’s also important to welcome them with personal, thoughtful touches that meet their needs and make them feel at home. For instance, setting out fresh towels, toiletries, and shower necessities is an important detail that often goes overlooked. Consider also adding some snacks and a vase or carafe of water with glasses so your guests can enjoy some refreshments whenever they please. Don’t forget to stock the nightstand with all the essentials: a lamp, an extra charger, and maybe a few books or magazines to help them relax. Depending on your space, you may even want to consider adding supplementary seating options. A cozy accent chair or even an upholstered storage bench at the end of the bed can be a great practical and fashionable update to any space.

Decorative Details

Since you’re hosting for the holidays, you’ll want to keep your guests in a festive spirit. A simple way to achieve this is by sprucing up your guest room with a few fun decorations. It’s important to keep this décor subtle and sparse so your guests have enough space to store and place all their personal items. Subtle holiday décor could be anything from scented candles to a string of holiday lights. Personally, we love the look of decorative holiday pillows and throws. Perfect for the winter holidays, these will add a soft, warm feel to the room while also providing additional layers of comfort.

We wish you all a festive, safe, and happy holiday season!

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