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One Living Room, Four Designs

One Living Room, Four Designs

One Living Room, Four Designs

Living rooms fill a variety of roles in the home. They’re where we watch movies, entertain friends, and spend time with our families. With all this in mind, finding the right furniture and arrangement for your living room can feel like a major design dilemma, but what’s “right” for your space depends on how you plan to use it. Your personal taste, lifestyle, and interests all factor into your ideal layout.

If you’re in the process of arranging or rearranging furniture, have no fear. We’ve created four very different layouts in the same space to showcase how a variety of designs can work in the same room. While each space displays different arrangements, styles, and furniture, they all feature the same standard rectangular dimensions, a central fireplace, and our favorite Siamese cat, Ramen! (Try and spot him in each design). We understand that every space is different and often not as versatile as the one we’ve created here, so don’t stress about finding an exact match. Instead, let these arrangements act as a creative springboard for you to take inspiration for your own home.

Empty Nesters


In this room, we created a space that imparts a more formal feel. An elegant mix of traditional and contemporary furniture creates a high-style, transitional vibe that captures the sophistication and potential needs of an empty-nester entertaining space.

For seating, we went with a classic conversation arrangement of our two Wallace Chairs facing our Residence Sofa. We think there’s something deeply chic about earthy green leather upholstery with the antique gold finish of our Giovanna Nesting Coffee and End Table. While this space is brimming with rich, bold hues, a variety of details infuse the room with an airy quality. Tempered glass tabletops, our round Claire Mirror, and the neutral upholstery on our Residence Sofa breathes a freshness into this space to create balance for a more light, natural, and understated sophistication.

Trendy Newlyweds

While this layout maintains the intimate conversational feel of the last room, the material mix of natural elements and decidedly modern style gives this space a more eclectic and youthful energy, earning its title as “Trendy Newlyweds”. The goal of this space is to create a relaxed entertaining room grounded in natural materials.

To achieve this look, we started by placing our two Sylvie Sofas across from each other. We love how the streamlined profile of our Sylvie lends a clean, contemporary look to this room. Between them sits our Bardot Coffee Table paired with our Bardot End Table for a modern, yet organic, sculptural addition. To add interest, we swapped the opposite end table for our Lunas Accent Table. It's slender, minimalist form complements the other pieces we’ve chosen; however, a mixture of glass and metal provides contrast and balance to our otherwise natural room.

The Family Room

Perfect for cozy family movie nights, our Family Room layout prioritizes comfort. Centered around our traditional L-shaped Stuart Sectional, we wanted to create a space that encourages gathering.

We achieved this by pairing our Stuart Sectional with our Stressless® Admiral Chair. Since both are such cozy options, no one will feel like they got the “bad seat” on movie night. Moreover, our Stuart Sectional is upholstered in a durable, stain resistant performance fabric , making it ideal for handling any snacking-related spills and stains. Centering this space is our Rowan Coffee Table. Rowan's generously sized tobacco finished hardwood frame offers some added natural warmth, while providing space for snacks and beverages. An open shelf and a lower drawer create ample storage space for board games, blankets, and books.

Coastal Casual

Using traditional deep blue hues, white accents, and natural elements, we wanted to create a casual coastal space with a palette reminiscent of sand and sea.

We updated the classic coastal-cottage blue and white color scheme by anchoring this room in soothing, natural, earthy hues with our Sandra Rug, Symone Table, and Hyacinth Stool. However, we kept this space rooted in traditional seaside charm with nautical art and our blue and white Aviva Swivel Chairs- Ramen approved! These skirted, striped, swivel seats are the perfect breezy companions for our iconic Fairbanks Blue Sofa. We kept with the classic arrangement of two chairs facing the sofa to maintain the well-loved summer cottage look, while creating a relaxed, conversational feel.

Which would you choose? We hope you were able to find some inspiration from these layouts but if you still need some help, find your nearest showroom, and come in for a design consultation today!

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