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Introducing: 301 Modern

introducing: 301 Modern

introducing: 301 Modern
We don't believe your home should have to be pigeonholed into one, or even two, design frameworks or styles. Our lives are colorful and ever-changing, full of all different predilections and tastes—so why shouldn't our homes reflect that? Bay Village Bed The Bay Village queen bed features a low, tufted headboard in rich vintage tobacco. The nightstands feature brass hardware and clean lines. What ‘Modern’ means to us In the world of Interior Design, the term Modern refers to a specific time period in the mid-century, from the 1920’s through the 1960’s. But our take on Modern is that it’s a way of life, an attitude, a point of view. And the personality that aligns, or is best matched, with Modern is one that that is unafraid to be unique and has a fresh point of view. Style trends are all around us, including true mid-century Modern with clean lines, low profiles, and mid-tone woods.  But there are also other trends that mix well with these looks, creating something truly unique. Take a clean-lined chest with reclaimed wood: it pairs perfectly with a modern leather bed. Or a glamorous touch of brass on a “Saarinen-esque” table that makes total sense mixed with canvas and metal chairs—just because you can. South end Dining table Exquisitely styled with a rich mix of finishes: the brass-based South End Dining table and chairs. We wanted to bend the rules because we know you want to. We wanted our own take on what modern living means, and how that looks in your home. We wanted to give you permission to place that old antique next to that mid-century classic, alongside that contemporary silhouetted sofa. At its essence, we wanted the style to offer a dash of living with a carefree sense of comfort, but with your love of design baked in. So without further ado, see how all those elements are woven into one brand new, eye-catching collection…with just a little bit of attitude: 301 Modern by Boston Interiors. Back Bay Dining Set The Parsons style Back Bay dining table is made of reclaimed wood and features iron-framed side chairs covered in 100% cotton fabric. 301 modern Glowing throws, chevron prints, ochre pillows, and more in the 301 Modern accessories collection. Fort Point Sectional The sleek and chic Fort Point sectional. The retro Coolidge Corner cabinet has sliding front and top panels for slick storage options. Kendall Sofa The Kendall sofa in Midnight velvet features a tight back and plush 5-inch cushions atop a black metal leg.

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