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Hung up on hanging artwork?

Hung up on hanging artwork?

Hung up on hanging artwork?
You've just purchased the perfect piece of art. When you get back home, however, you find yourself staring blankly at the wall. You may be wondering:
  • How high should I hang the artwork, especially in relation to the sofa?
  • What if there is nothing to anchor the piece, and the art would go better in a long hallway? (Or, can’t I just tap a nail in someplace and call it a day?!)
Camby Sofa Camby Sofa with Fern Prints. Well, yes, you can. But the good news is there are some hard and fast rules that will make your room more visually pleasing to the eye (even if they seem subtle.) First, how high to hang the artwork? Maybe you’ve heard that artwork should be hung at eye-level. But you’re a petite 5'1” and your husband towers over you at 6'2”. Whose eye-level are we talking about here?
The general rule of thumb is that the center of the piece should be about 60” off the ground.
Notice we said “center” of the piece, i.e., not the top of the frame! Should that 60" rule change depending on where the artwork will be hanging in the room? So glad you asked, because the answer is yes. But, not much!
When hanging artwork over a sofa, you’ll want it to be centered above the sofa and between 6-12” above the back.
blog-santefe Santa Fe Sofa beneath End of Summer print. Additional tip: it’s good to have someone sitting on the other side of the room to help guide the exact placement. What if you have multiple pieces of the same collection of art? Manhattan Dining Set Manhattan Dining set Make a statement by lining them up and placing them 2”-5” away from each other for a clean, cohesive look. Still unsure if you’re hanging the piece too high or too low? Another fun way to display your artwork is simply to lean it against the wall.  This is a deliberate, but simply casual look that also allows you to layer the piece with multiple frames or accessories. Jackson sideboard The Jackson Sideboard is topped by our Boston Map leaned against the wall, layered by additional accessories. In need of more pieces to hang on your wall? We offer an eclectic and growing collection of artwork, so hop on over to our site to browse! Save

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