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Get the Look: How to create a Hygge Home

Get the Look: How to create a Hygge Home

Get the Look: How to create a Hygge Home
If you’ve ever snuggled up on the couch with a loved one on a chilly winter day and sipped a warm cup of tea or enjoyed a sunny picnic with family or friends, then you’ve likely experienced Hygge, a Danish concept used to convey feelings of happiness, coziness, and warmth. Since entering the global consciousness, Hygge has exploded as a cultural concept and inspired a variety of lasting lifestyle and home décor trends.

Hygge - What is it?

Hygge, pronounced "hyoo-gah,” describes the cozy and contented feeling brought on by comfort and conviviality. In short, it’s about the warm, happy vibe we get from enjoying life’s simple pleasures. While hygge has been an integral aspect of Danish culture since the 1800s, it’s a relatively new idea for the rest of the globe. After gaining international awareness in 2016, hygge proved to be more than just a trend and has remained a lasting lifestyle and décor concept.

As a design concept, Hygge style is centered on cozy, warm minimalism. Hygge uses neutral colors, earthy tones, and thoughtful details to evoke a sense of harmony, peace, and connection with the natural world.

What are the benefits?

Particularly in colder, northern areas, winter can feel like a depressing slog of dark days and frigid nights. The Danes, being Nordic people, are natural experts at surviving long, cold winters and use Hygge to find intimate, warm, and comfortable moments in life. In fact, researchers consistently find Denmark to have some of the happiest people on earth, which many Danes attribute to the practice of hygge. While there are clearly a multitude of other factors that play into this fact, there are unsurprisingly a variety of physical and mental benefits to this concept. Improved sleep, fewer cortisol spikes, and an overall greater sense of mindfulness can come with embracing a hygge lifestyle and home.

How to create a Hygge Inspired Home

One of the best things about Hygge design is its intrinsic intuitive nature. When designing a home using Hygge principles, simply think about the things that make you feel happy, calm, and cozy. Below are some core elements of hygge design if you’re looking for some extra insight.


The most important aspect of Hygge design is creating an overall sense of warmth using lighting and textures. Fireplaces are a staple in hygge style, but if you don’t have one, no worries! Candles, floor lamps, or any warm, soft light are all great options for creating that cozy hygge glow.

Similarly, comfortable, soft textures are an integral part of adding warmth to a space. Incorporate cozy accessories such as throws, pillows, and rugs to create a textured appeal. Layering can also be a great way to create a sense of depth and warmth. A sensuous material mix of wool, leather, linen, or velvet will be sure to keep your space super cozy while adding interest.

Thoughtful design

As we mentioned earlier, one of the main principles of hygge design is thoughtful minimalism. While the word “minimalism” may evoke images of cold, plain, empty rooms, it’s important to remember that minimalism is a diverse design concept. In Hygge design, minimalism is used to create a sense of calm and form a more balanced space. By removing clutter and choosing thoughtful, decorative touches such as family pictures, heirlooms, or your favorite books, you’ll end up with a more inviting and peaceful home.

Natural elements

We've said it before, and we’ll say it again: Incorporating natural materials into your home is incredibly beneficial for both your mental and physical health, which is why this is also a staple of hygge design. Hygge style is meant to evoke a sense of harmony, belonging, and comfort, so a great way to achieve this is to connect with the natural world by adding organic elements. Integrating stone, wood, leather, or woven materials can easily create this look and feel, but for something smaller, consider adding a few house plants for extra greenery.

Keep it calm

A hygge color palette works off hues found in nature, so subdued, earthy neutrals are a great foundation for any color scheme. However, to avoid creating a lifeless home, try incorporating splashes of color. This should be an intuitive choice—add in the tones that make you happiest but be sure not to let them overwhelm your space. It’s best to keep your palette soft, muted, and matte to maintain an overall calm and peaceful vibe.

At its core, creating a cozy, hygge home is about designing your personal, cozy sanctuary. It’s about giving yourself the space and permission to relax and enjoy small moments of peace. If you’re looking to create a Hygge home for winter (or forever!), chat with our design experts today.

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