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Emerald + aquamarine = a dazzling scene

emerald + aquamarine = a dazzling scene

emerald + aquamarine = a dazzling scene
As you soak up the joys of summer, splashing around in the pool or wading in the sparkling ocean, take note of the multifaceted green and blue hues surrounding you, from emerald—the color of prosperity and luxury—to aquamarine, an oceanic hue composed of cerulean blue-green. Lucky March babies get to claim aquamarine as their birthstone, while those born in May lay claim to emerald. For the rest of us? We can adopt these color palettes too, right in our home. Neutral Offsets Because emerald is such a strong color, it works well when paired against neutral sofas or natural wood finishes. Throw pillows, wall hangings, and table lamps help temper a cream sofa, like the Loring, or a natural bleached finish like on the Harper Coffee Table. blog-loring-emerald   Verdant blends Emerald is so 2013 (Pantone's color of that year), but emerald paired with varying shades of green and blue? Totally on trend in 2017. sail-green   Life Aquatic Listening to waves crashing on the beach can lull you to sleep, but not everyone is fortunate enough to live with the ocean outside their window. Waking up in an aquamarine color scheme is a great stand-in for creating a soothing milieu. blog-teal-CascadeBed_RGB   The color blend of aquamarine, representing both the green-blue ocean and the cerulean sky, is sure to emit a sense of peacefulness and contentment. Pairing it with sunny yellows, like in the Painted Medallion area rug, keeps the look soft and fresh. aquamarine-dreams Clockwise from top: Para surf pillow, Countryside print, Turquoise ceramic table lamp, Aqua glass table lamp, Painted Medallion rug Piecing together a color story for your home may require you to shop for some key pieces, from chairs, to sofas, to wall art, to throw pillows. Good thing we're in the midst of Bonus Days! Spend more now, and earn more later towards future purchases. Stop into a store near you.

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