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Design Services: What it's all about

Design Services: What it's all about

Design Services: What it's all about
Before we get started, how would you describe yourself? Is it:
  • “Ready to roll up my sleeves and plan my entire bedroom makeover!”
  • Or, “AAAAAAAAAA!!! This room is driving me crazy! I’m not sure how to begin! Help!”
  • Or...are you somewhere in between?
Lucky for you, our design associates are ready to help, no matter what situation you find yourself in. 09-24-design-services_sm Here are just a few ways our Design Associates can help: They will ask lots of questions. Like:
"How will this room be used?" "Is there a particular style you want to achieve?" "Do you have a color scheme in mind?" "What inspires you?"
Note: There are no right or wrong answers here; it’s just the beginning of a conversation to help get to know you and your style, along with what items will function best for you. They'll help you choose the right colors. design2 We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from for your upholstered pieces, and many options of wood finishes and paint colors for your wood pieces. Just because you don’t see exactly what you want in the store, doesn’t mean we don’t have it! Just ask…we probably do have it. You may have heard this adage: “Measure twice, cut once.” Granted, you may not be cutting fabrics yourself, but it’s important that the furniture you buy will fit properly in your room. Our team will help determine this not only for space and fit, but they can make recommendations for placement, too. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Pillows, rugs, lighting, artwork, throws, baskets, vases – these details can really help put the finishing touch on a room. Our design associates can present you with dozens of options whether you’re looking for fashion or function (or both!) Don’t overlook the details. So, no matter how you’d describe your current decorating needs, start by meeting with one of our associates in-store. Or, arrange to have them visit your home! Learn more and start planning your new look today! Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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on-demand design services

Finding the perfect sofa, fabric, dining room set, and any other piece of furniture is an important decision. With the help of the design experts in all of our stores, we can help make that decision a whole lot easier. Choose from our free in-store or in-home design services available.

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