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Choosing a Coffee Table

Choosing a Coffee Table

Choosing a Coffee Table
Ever wonder what the difference is between a cocktail table and a coffee table? The obvious answer is, it depends on what you are drinking! Regardless of what you call it, there is a need for something in front of your sofa or sectional. Searching for the best option for your space? Well, there really is no possibility that is off the table (pun intended). Some questions to consider when making the choice: - Does it need to hide some clutter when the doorbell rings? - Does it get more use than your dining room table? - Will you put your feet on it? - Does it compliment your sofa-based office? - Do you just want it to be pretty? Lawson glass coffee table Lawson glass coffee table The shape of the other large furniture pieces in the room can also help you choose the right coffee table for you. An L-shaped sectional can tighten the walk-around area and increase those knee-bumping opportunities. A round or oval wood table or a leather ottoman would be the best choices here. Bristol sectional with Trace coffee table Bristol sectional with Trace coffee table TIP: If choosing a fabric or leather ottoman to use as a coffee table, be sure to get decorative trays that can sit atop to hold the remote, drinks, books, or fresh flowers! Mimic the curve of a wedge sectional by adding a round table or ottoman. Round shapes 'circle' you and create conversational spaces. Olympia sectional with Clooney coffee table Olympia sectional with Clooney coffee table In traditional sofa/chair layouts, think outside the box. - Two small storage cubes create hideaway space that can also be used for extra seating - A rectangle table provides easy reach from all the ends of the sofa to put that book (or drink) down - Oval tables can soften too many hard edges in a space Brooke sofa with Clooney oval cocktail table Bailey sofa with Clooney oval cocktail table Fairbanks sofa with Hugo coffee table Fairbanks sofa with Hugo coffee table Dual purpose tables or ottomans give you options in storage, home office or easy eats.
  • Our 'stash' ottoman says it all!
  • Henderson Lift top table creates a great opportunity to 'work from home' and catch the game
  • Marshfield nesting table and ottomans: for when the movie is too good to stop and eat!
So whether it's a cocktail or coffee that you're drinking when you read this, know there are many options for choosing the best table for your room!

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