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Bravo! What a Great Performance!

Bravo! What a Great Performance!

Bravo! What a Great Performance!

We’ve all applauded talented actors or musicians after a great performance. But, how can your furniture perform for you, you ask? It’s simple really, it is when you can count on your furniture to last.

Dog friendly upholstery at Boston Interiors @chaddiegramz

Stain resistance, cleanability and durability are important features and are some of the ways your new sectional, sofa or chair can “perform” for you.

These days fabrics are being created to be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use of your family (buttery popcorn from movie night), children (juice spills, ink stains), pets (muddy paws), guests (Aunt Sue’s appetizer mis-hap everytime she comes over), and even the sun (no complaints about the sun) – and still look good! We have it covered for you. (Literally.)

Here are some of the best features performance fabrics have to offer: Hampton Sectional from Boston Interiors

Stain Resistant: Some materials inhibit the spill or stain from settling in to the fabric. Crypton, WearProof and Revolution are types of fabrics that will repel most liquids, making them easier to clean if they do get dirty. Many of these can repel odors too!    

Camby sofa in Crypton fabric 

Durable: How will this fabric hold up to repeated use?

Tighter weaves and stronger fibers can determine what will survive the whole football team on the sectional or the dog on the sofa. Don't forget about leather! Leather is one of the most durable natural products out there. It holds up to everyday use and wears well over time. Did you know we are now offering Crypton treated leather for even better stain resistance? Kingsley Sofa with Sunbrella from Boston Interiors 

Fade Proof: Sunbrella® has it in their name! Originating in the outdoor boating world, Sunbrella® has come a long way from the plastic coated feel of yesterday and is now a living room worthy textile of acrylic that can hold up to full sun and repel most stains.  

By being treated to the very fiber of the fabric, the performance capabilities of these fabrics do not wear off or need to be reapplied. They keep their resilient properties for the life of the fabric.

Visit any of our locations to learn more about performance fabrics, and for a free in-store design consultation! 

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