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Area Rug How-To Advice

Area Rug How-To Advice

Area Rug How-To Advice
Area rugs add pattern, texture, and color to your home. They are a great way to define spaces and add coziness. Here we’ve collected some no fail tips for purchasing and placing them in your space.


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Measure the size of the seating area. You always want to get a rug that is slightly larger than your seating area to anchor your furniture together.


Allow for a 12-18 inch border around the rug, and in smaller rooms (such as hallways, walk-in closets, and bathrooms) leave less. 3d3d21f5aabc8998d87ce66fd47eef17


Make sure there is at least 6-10 inches on either side of the sofa so you don’t make the room feel smaller.

Suggested Rug Sizes: 5’x8’ minimum, 6’x9’, 8’x10’   For large open rooms, select an area rug to define each seating area. deborahneedlemanlivingroom[3 If your room is small: You can get away with a slightly smaller rug that floats in front of your furniture, particularly if the sofa is against a wall. 2_700


  In your dining room, measure your table set with the chairs pulled out (and with the leaves in if used often) to make sure the rug is large enough. Suggested Rug Sizes: 6 chairs: 8’x10’, 8 chairs: 9’x12’, 10 chairs: 10’x14’



bedroom In the bedroom, the rug should be large enough so you can take 1 or 2 steps when getting out of bed, and still stay on the rug. For master bedrooms, one large rug works best. For rooms with two smaller beds, one rug between them works well. Suggested Rug Size: At least 8’x10’

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Orient your rug to your room. The longest side of your rug should be parallel to the longest wall of the room.


There are three ways to place furniture on rugs, the key is to keep the legs on your rug even and consistent, this way it looks intentional. Here we've mapped out the basic options.


By following these simple tips, your new area rug will fit seamlessly into your home!  

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