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Setting The Stage – Furnishing The Series “The Perfect Couple.”

Setting The Stage – Furnishing The Series “The Perfect Couple.”

 Setting The Stage – Furnishing The Series “The Perfect Couple.”

Boston Interiors embraces a moment in the spotlight as we work with Netflix’s “The Perfect Couple” to create classic coastal New England Interiors. Based on Elin Hilderbrand’s novel of the same name, “The Perfect Couple” will be a limited murder-mystery series set during a high-society wedding on the wealthy and atmospheric island of Nantucket.

“The Perfect Couple” is Hilderbrand’s first ever film adaptation, and will feature accomplished actors such as Liev Schreiber, Dakota Fanning, Nicole Kidman, and Meghann Fahy. Filming began in early April in Chatham and is expected to wrap in late June.

Dubbed the “queen of beach reads,” Hilderbrand’s books have sold more than 20 million copies since the publication of her debut novel in 2000. Praised for her ability to craft stories that perfectly capture the essence of life on Nantucket, Hilderbrand’s novels are evocative of coastal New England charm, something we consider ourselves experts in at Boston Interiors.

While we don’t want to give away too many of these upcoming looks, read on for an exclusive peek at some of the items that may be featured.

Weston Sofa

Tapered Legs and cool gray fabric ground our Weston Sofa in a decidedly contemporary style. However, traditional details provide an elevated and tailored feel. Time-honored designs and optimal comfort combine to create the perfect place to lounge, watch movies, or even solve a murder.

Marina II

Viewed from above, this giclee piece depicts an unfamiliar angle of a very familiar sight in both Nantucket, and coastal New England in general. Calmingly removed, the aerial perspective allows for a tranquil view of a bustling marina.

Horizon Turquoise

Crafted of sturdy ceramic with light ridges reminiscent of rippling waves, this versatile Horizon Lamp contrasts a beautiful,deep blue body with a light, natural linen hardback shade. Our Horizon balances a unique combination of textures and materials with traditional seaside colors for an overall timeless appeal.

Double Pull Floor Lamp

Elegant as ever, our Double Pull Floor Lamp is brimming with a classic,high-style charm that has defined many traditional New England spaces for years. A bronze finish adds a brassy nautical nuance, and a neutral shade emanates a soft, golden glow.

If you’re interested in romance, high-society intrigue, unraveling murder mysteries, or are simply thrilled by coastal interior design, make sure you check out Netflix’s “The Perfect Couple”. Or find your nearest Boston Interiors showroom and enjoy the thrill of creating your own perfect space.

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