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Your guide to Tax Free Weekend

Your guide to Tax Free Weekend

Your guide to Tax Free Weekend
Your guide to Tax Free Weekend (And why it's better to buy before.) Double Tax Savings at Boston Interiors In between the political ads and the state of the economy, Massachusetts is getting ready for the Annual Tax-Free Holiday on August 29th and 30th, which are the next big shopping days after Black Friday. For one weekend, you are exempt from paying the 6.25% MA state sales tax for non-business, personal and individual purchases that are less than $2500 for a single item. Every year, this holiday creates excitement AND great big lines at the checkout register. But this time might be different, which is why Boston Interiors is here to answer some of your questions about Tax Free weekend in our stores and help you decide if it’s a good time to buy your new living room, dining room, or ANY room of furniture now. The easy answer is YES, it is a fantastic time to buy. And even better, we give you time to buy and many ways to save. We started our tax party early (with proper social distancing of course)! Design services at Boston InteriorsBefore Tax Free Weekend Right now, (through August 28th) not only will you save the amount of Massachusetts Sales Tax (6.25%) of your purchases, but we will DOUBLE that offer to take 12.5% off our pricing for stocked and special orders (some restrictions do apply). The Massachusetts legislation is very clear; you cannot make a purchase WITHOUT tax applied at any other time than the dates of August 29th and 30th this year. Therefore, what we offer is the savings equal to double tax free, but we are required to still collect tax on these purchases. We were inspired by the tax amount, and then we made it twice as nice! Here are some great reasons to shop now, before tax-free weekend:
  • There are no restrictions to single-item pricing
  • Your stock and special order purchases don't have to be paid in full (a deposit is required)
  • Gives you more time to look at fabrics and imagine them in your space
  • Allows time for our talented design services teams visit your space and make floor plans (Learn more here >)
  • Your order gets placed before the onslaught of purchases that come later in month
  • Our stores will be less crowded than they will be on August 29th and 30th
It’s like you have a head start, you’re at the front of the line (which always has the best view)! Boston Interiors showroomOn Tax Free Weekend During the actual Tax Free Weekend (August 29th – 30th), we must strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the state.
  • When orders are completed, we will remove the tax from your invoice and take a discount of 6.25% off the pricing.
  • Orders for stock and special orders must be paid in full at the time of purchase.
  • Orders are not eligible for Tax Free when placed after close of business Sunday August 30th.
  • Single items that are priced at more than $2500 are excluded. For example, our Boudreau Sofa is priced at $2699.95. It would not be eligible to remove tax on this piece. (So it would be 6.25% off during tax-free weekend, but would be 12.5% off BEFORE tax weekend!) Sectionals and dining sets are exceptions as they are priced by the piece.
  • We will be practicing social distancing in our stores and you could expect a line outside during this weekend.
Boston Interiors in Bedford, New Hampshire Shopping from out of state? If you don’t live in Massachusetts, or would be getting delivery outside of Massachusetts, you can still participate in the savings, now and on Tax-Free Weekend. We offer the value of Double Tax Savings on your purchases too. We don’t want our New Hampshire, Maine or Rhode Island friends to feel left out! Buy now, pay over time To help make your purchase a little easier, we offer 24-month financing through our partners at Synchrony Home. Now you would have time to pay with no additional finance charges. Minimal monthly payments are required but two years gives you a little breathing room and still enjoy your new space. We all love a good sale. We are sure that there are many of you out there just tired of looking at that over-loved living room. You need a new space to work from home and for the children to do their schooling. There a certainly a special caché of not having to pay taxes to the state on your purchase. Please know that we will be here for you that weekend and any weekend that you want to shop! We are here for you to safely shop in-store, and online. Like they always say, there are two things you can count on; one is taxes…the other is Boston Interiors. At least that’s how we remember it! Double Tax savings at Boston Interiors  

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