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You Are Feeling Sleepy…

You Are Feeling Sleepy…

You Are Feeling Sleepy…
Tips for Buying the Right Mattress, Part 2 Boston Interiors Mattresses In Part 1 of this blog, we discussed what to know about your bed and bedroom before heading to the store. Now it’s time to discuss what to look for in your mattress. What is going to provide the best conditions for you to sleep all night? Here are the 3 major components that need to be in a mattress for good sleep:
  1. Support/ Pressure Relief
  2. Temperature Control
  3. Motion Separation
As we continue the hunt for your perfect night's sleep, we may need to get a little personal! So, the first question: How do sleep in your bed? What is that “go-to” position that you seek when it’s time to drift off? Below is a picture of 6 very common sleep positions. Of course, through the night you may switch and go back and forth between these as well, but for the most part, look for the position you prefer. The mattress solution needs to best fit you and what position you’re in when you count those sheep! 6 classic sleep positions
Source: "What Your Sleep Style Says About You"
  1. Fetal Position: Lying on your side, knees drawn up, could have arm under pillow (41% of 1000 people surveyed sleep this way.)
  2. Trunk Position: like a tree trunk, side sleeper with legs and back straight (15% of 1000 people choose this.)
  3. Speaker: Side sleeper but arms extended and/or under the pillow
  4. Solider: Flat on the back, arms down on the sides
  5. Face Down: also known as Free Fall, stomach sleeper, face on pillow
  6. Starfish: Flat on back but arms up and or legs bent.
Find your Fit If you are a side sleeper (#1-3: fetal, trunk, speaker positions) then you create a lot of pressure points on shoulders and hips. Softer to Medium Firm mattresses work best for this type of sleeper. Our luxury mattresses have steel coils that will keep you straight and supported throughout the night.  Big dips at your hip or shoulders will create those achy backs. You are trying (in every position) to keep your spine, neck and head in line. A medium firmness in coil with a soft extra layer of foams close to the top of the mattress will feel comfortable and then keep everything in line. Pillow tops work well here too. We recommend: Beautyrest mattresses at Boston Interiors Beautyrest Platinum Haven Pines Plush Pillow Top Queen Mattress and Standard Foundation Set (sku: 9902257)   Back sleepers (#4 & 6 Soldier and starfish positions) are evenly laid out across the mattress. By nature, our body is heavier in the lower third section. Keeping the spine in line and straight is best done with a medium to firm mattress. Too soft makes the lower third of the body droop. Many of our mattresses have extra back support in that critical lower back spot to keep you comfortable all night long. We recommend: Intimate Rexfort mattress at Boston Interiors Intimate Rexford Lux Firm Euro Top Queen Mattress and Low Foundation Set (sku: 9902146) And then the Free Faller, face down sleeper (#5). Too soft a mattress curves your spine, cranes your neck. Medium to Firm mattresses again keep the alignment and may be the best pick. You will often hear people say “I like a really firm mattress, hard and flat.” What they may really mean though, is they want a mattress with a lot of support. We recommend: Boston Interiors Beautyrest mattresses Beautyrest Silver Bold Extra Firm Queen Mattress and Low Foundation Set (sku: 9902125)  What about Temperature Control? While most people don’t like to be hot when they sleep, the other half of people don’t want to be cold! What you need is even temperature with no big swings either way, every night. Leaders in their industry, our luxury Beautyrest and Intimate line of mattresses promise high-quality steel coils, advanced technology in foams and the safest options in materials for you and your family. All of the foams allow air to circulate and breathe to keep an even temperature throughout your sleep. Our Natura line features Certified Organic Wool, cotton and natural Latex that create a different feel and still maintain that even temperature. Natura mattresses at Boston Interiors Motion Separation All of the sleep positions and best mattress options often times need to be divided by two! You and your partner may have different positions or needs. Two-legged late night visitors (your kids) or four legged furry friends can also share and impact your sleep spot. When they move, you want to be undisturbed. All of our Boston Interiors luxury mattresses have independent coil systems that will help that. Keep your head about you when selecting a mattress We mean this literally. Your head and neck account for 20% plus of your body dimensions. In order to keep your spine and neck in line you must account for your head!  Pillows that are too overstuffed can quickly become too flat, with your head and neck constantly out of sync. Invest in a quality pillow to keep your head in the same position for much longer. (Now, of course, we all need the fancy pretty pillows for décor, but we remove those for the work horse quality SLEEP pillow, we use to sleep!) Beautyrest pillows at Boston Interiors Free Delivery When you purchase a premium mattress from Boston Interiors, we will deliver it for free and remove your old mattress too! (Local delivery area only.) At Boston Interiors, we give our Design Associates all the information and training to be your best help for mattress selection! You may think of us as experts in pretty design, but what is a great looking room if you are sleep deprived and uncomfortable in it! Come in and we will get you in the position for the best night sleep you have had in a long time. Find the Boston Interiors nearest you:

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