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What's Your Coastal Style? Part I: Traditional

What's Your Coastal Style? Part I: Traditional

What's Your Coastal Style? Part I: Traditional

The casual relaxed feel of coastal décor is a popular style throughout New England. From neutral colors to bright sea greens it's easy to achieve the look you want by sticking to a few basic principles. If a more traditional style is what you are after pull color inspiration from the seacoast.  Keep it light and airy with sand and cream with a splash of pale blue like in these photos.

(image via) (image via) (image via) Accessorize with rustic boxes, baskets and votive candles. (image via)

Collect shells and sand from the beach and fill jars for an inexpensive and personal decoration.

(image via)

Compliment your traditional style furniture with nature inspired artwork and accessories to complete the look. Here is our take on some great traditional coastal options. 1. Boat Bookcase, sale $599.95 2. Wilson Desk Lamp, $89.95 3. Cindy Sofa, sale $1399.95 4. Avignon Coffee Table, sale $399.95 5. Antiqued Sailing Vessel, $79.95 6. Bali Chair, sale $599.95 7. Dupioni Silk Pillow, $59.95 8. Loops on Felt Pillow, $59.95 9. Iron Star, $7.50 10. Caribbean Starfish, $39.95 11. Botanical Starfish #2, $199.95 12. Jute 5'x7'6" Rug, $229.95 13. Conchology Study, $329.95 14. Light  House, $279.95 15. Bathing Beauties, $139.95 16. Wentworth 6'x9' Rug, $1425

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