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Tips for decorating your table.

Tips for decorating your table.

Tips for decorating your table.

Are you hosting this holiday season? Do you worry about how to make your table decorations HGTV-worthy!? We recently partnered with DomestikatedLife who put together a beautiful rustic tablescape for the holidays. Check it out here.

Boston Interiors Holiday Tabletop

Holiday Tablescape by DomestikatedLife

We thought we’d also share a few tips you could use everyday, not just during holiday season:

Farmington Dining room decorated.


1. Add something natural.

In this case we used artichokes – they’re great au natural to tuck in a cute place card or cored out to hold a votive. This can very often be something you already have in or around your the home like fresh apples or fresh cut holly.    

White dinnerware set 

2. White goes with everything! 

When you use a white plate or serving platter, it can work with every holiday for every season! White offers a clean and simple palate to build around for any occasion.  

 Layer for a beautiful table. 


3. Layers add texture.

Tablecloths, runners, placemats or chargers can each add a touch of character or pattern. Don’t be afraid to use a few for some extra decorating


Pitcher, stoneware, centerpiece 

4. Pitch(er) perfect. 

Rethink how you use your pitchers! They can double as a vase and add some color, too.

        cutting board risers for height on your table 


5. Add some height. By using different levels of cutting boards to serve breakfast treats, or stacking trays to lift your floral arrangement, you can quickly add some dimension to your table. Just be careful not to set anything too high when people are sitting across the table from each other.    

Do you have tips to share too?  If so, you'd probably love working with us! Join our team!

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