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Tips and Tricks for Styling the Perfect Rug

Tips and Tricks for Styling the Perfect Rug

Tips and Tricks for Styling the Perfect Rug

The right rug can add visual interest to any room. It can anchor and define a space, add texture, warmth, and dimension, or complete a look. However, the versatility of rugs can often be a source of confusion when designing a space. The placement, size, and material can completely change the feel of any room, so it’s important to plan ahead and prepare before purchasing. Luckily, we’ve crafted a list of tips and tricks for finding and styling the perfect rug.

Know your space

Before you even look into purchasing that gorgeous rug, it’s important to take a hard look at the space you will be decorating. Measure the dimensions of your room, the furniture within it, and decide how you want your rug to be positioned. If you’re looking to place a rug in a heavily trafficked area, the space should be fully covered. Failing to cover these spaces can lead to awkward foot placements and unsightly wear patterns on both the rug and the floor.

Be intentional

Knowing how you want your rug to act within the space is also an important decision. For instance, if you’re looking to embrace organic, neutral, and contemporary pieces, consider a natural fiber flatweave rug. If you’re going for a cozy farmhouse look, consider a braided wool rug or a muted, Persian-inspired rug for a more antique charm. While you may not be completely certain about which type of rug you would like before shopping, it helps to have an idea of what style you’re hoping to achieve.

Consider cleaning

An extremely important and often overlooked aspect of styling rugs is finding a piece that fits your specific needs. How often you clean your rug depends entirely on your lifestyle and the room the rug is placed in. Generally, synthetic rugs made of polypropylene and polyester are ideal for people with kids or pets who are looking for a durable, easy-to-clean option. However, natural fibers such as wool and jute are also great low maintenance options. Both are durable materials that generally repel stains. Be sure to check the cleaning instructions of any rug before you purchase.

Consistency is key

While a rug can create harmony in a room, it also has the ability to throw your space off balance. The easiest way to avoid doing this is by keeping your placement consistent. This is another reason that measuring your space before purchasing a rug is so important. Generally, in living rooms, the goal is to have your rug centered so there’s the same amount of space on all sides around it. If you have a smaller rug, try and keep at least a third of all your furniture on it. This is usually presented as the two front legs of all chairs and sofas on the rug, and two back legs off. If you plan on purchasing a larger rug, keep all your furniture on the rug for a more cohesive look. This same idea applies to other rooms. For instance, if you plan on placing a runner in a bedroom space, consider adding one to each side of the bed, or placing it at the foot.

Don't be afraid to layer

Layering your rugs is an easy and fun way to add dimension, depth, and contrast to your space. A general rule for layering rugs is to keep the larger, bottom rug a more neutral color , and let your smaller rug on top add the pattern, brightness, or nuance. Don’t be afraid to combine different textures and styles as well! A white, boucle rug with a striped blue and white rug atop can combine natural and nautical for a cozy and interesting look. Don’t get too carried away with colors, though. Combining too many different patterns and styles can be overwhelming and off-putting.

Invest in a rug pad

A rug pad will enhance the look, feel, and life of a rug. Rugs often begin wearing from the back first. A protective pad will keep the rug in place, and prevent friction, wear, and loose pile over time. Not only does the rug pad prevent damage to the rug, it also prevents severe damage to the floor, and makes cleaning and vacuuming much easier. A pad will also add an extra soft layer of cushioning beneath the rug for a more comfortable look and feel.

Regardless of your decor, needs, and space, these tips will help you find and style the rug that’s right for you. Explore our wide selection of rugs in-store and online!

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