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Organization tips to last the whole year

Organization tips to last the whole year

Organization tips to last the whole year

Are you one of the very many following Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up method? We applaud you!  We’re here to offer a few tips of our own, and ways to re-think how you use some of the pieces you may already have in your home. Because getting (and staying!) organized is an every-year, every-day battle.

Danbury Sofa, living room with storage ideas

Hidden in this living room are a few key pieces to help keep it clean and organized:

  1. BASKETS--  From collecting toys, logs for the fireplace or even all the back-issues of magazine subscriptions you’re going to read someday (that can be next year’s resolution!), baskets keep it all in and look great doing it.

  2. CUBES – This piece has triple the use. An extra seat for a quick game of cards, storage to hide the toys that don’t fit in the basket, and flip the top and use it as a tray. Love it!

  3. COFFEE TABLE with STORAGE – This one provides enough storage to keep the remote, or the rest of those magazines…

Woven Baskets
Set of 3 Woven Rapunzel Baskets
Ari Leather Storage Cube Ottoman, Black
Acadia Coffee Table with Drawers


These glass front cabinets naturally fit in a dining area or living room.  But, why not consider one for your bathroom, too?  Display rolled-up towels and use colorful baskets to store makeup and toiletries.

Colleen Display Cabinet and Hugo Display Cabinet Colleen and Hugo Storage Cabinets[/caption

Even if you don’t officially work from home, we know you work at home…all the time!  Shelving & baskets help keep this (home)work area neat.  Assign a basket to each family member as a place to put school papers, birthday party invites, artwork, and all those bills you still need to pay. (Note: Go paperless!)

Emmett home office desk organization system Emmett Home Office Solution

A beautiful chest can hide so many things:  extra blankets and pillows in the guest room,  toys in the living room, bulky sweaters in the bedroom, winter gear in the entryway.  (Plus, it’s a great place to sit and put on your shoes or pull off those snow boots!)

Madison Wooden Blanket Storage Madison Storage Chest

Another versatile piece is a handsome accent chest.  Just as great in the entryway to hold hats, gloves, backpacks & more, as it is in the powder room to hold towels and toiletries. Of course it's also at home in the dining room stocked with dinnerware and giving you an extra serving space at the holidays.

Organize your dining room or entryway with the rustic Jackson Sideboard
Beautiful and functional Clifton Accent Chest

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