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One Room, Four Ways

One Room, Four Ways

One Room, Four Ways

Have you been here? The elation of your new living room furniture arriving, quickly followed by panic of how are you going to arrange it. Or you’re sitting in the room thinking…something is just not right. (Should I move the sofa to the left?)

You know the basics. You need a place to sit, maybe a table to hold your snack and definitely a light to see by, but exactly how you get it all to work in your space is taking a little more thought than you expected. Well, you came to the right place. We’ve seen a layout (or 300) in our time. We’ve helped many with this predicament and we think can help you too!

One room four ways layouts

Let’s start with a basic footprint of a standard living room, one that is 12 feet by 16 feet. It has windows, a fireplace, a TV, a door, and even your cat! We’ll show you four different ways that this same “box” can look and feel very different.


Option 1: Two Sofas

Room one with two sofas

Featuring our Sylvie sofas, each person can claim their own space and stretch out to watch television. This layout allows you to have great conversational seating facing each other and still have clear view of the windows and fireplace.


Option 2: Wedge Sectional with Recliner

Room two: wedge sectional with recliner

In an overly square space, sometimes it’s nice to bring in a curve or soft corner. A wedge sectional, like our Ashford Collection, succeeds in this by giving you full seating for guests and still room to stretch out. A recliner removes the need for an ottoman and still allows someone to push back and have a nap. And your recliner doesn’t have to be a big, oversized monsters from your Grandpa’s days! Our Halston leather reclines with style.


Option 3: Sofa with Chaise and Two Swivel Chairs

Room 3 sofa chaise

A sofa with chaise option is a bit different from a sectional as the chaise can be flipped to either side depending on your mood, or if entertaining, you can store the chaise base and cushion and swap out with a standard seat cushion to make it a sofa. (Amazing, right?!) The Stuart sofa/chaise is one of our most popular. Pair it with two Kara swivel chairs and you’ll be able to turn to the beautiful outside views and then back to the fireplace. We at Boston Interiors share the love for swivel chairs with so many spectacular ocean and city views in New England.


Option 4: L-Sectional and Chair

Room 4 L sectional sofa

A bit more traditional, a L-shaped sectional gives your family max capacity. We featured our Juniper Collection that has a “daybed” feature. It is the size of a traditional sectional but different than a chaise as it extends on the one side with a back and open end (no arm). You also have the option to substitute with a more conventional end arm. Our small-scale Conrad chair sits comfortably and pairs well with a good book.

Keep in mind.

These are just four simple options. We have many, many more ideas for you. In all layouts, we featured our popular Clooney occasional collection because having clean lines and clear glass surfaces take up less eye clutter, great tip for smaller spaces.

Don’t forget lighting!

Lamps, be it floor or table, keep all spaces accessible. Dark spaces can get lost and unused and the right light keeps the entire room balanced.

Your style. Your spin.

We always advise people not to stuck on what is “right” or “must do”. Your style is just that: YOUR style. The room and the furniture has to meet you and your family’s needs; how you entertain, or how you relax when no one is there.

Overwhelmed? Still not sure how to get it done or maybe your room has many more obstacles to work around? Come to Boston Interiors. We can come to you and take your measurements or you can bring them to us and we can show you everything that your space can be. We’ll make it right for you..or a little more to the left if it works better!

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