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Movie Night!

Movie Night!

Movie Night!
Having a Movie Night is the perfect excuse to gather friends and family together. We've found some great inspiration to get you on the right track for hosting a fun filled evening. Plus, while the weather is still warm why not try moving the party outdoors! (image via) Using a white sheet and projection screen you could easily set up an impromptu movie anytime anywhere or bring the living room outside by setting up your tv right outdoors and surround it with comfortable cushions and throws. (image via)

A "Drive-In" party is also a great theme for a kids birthday celebration. Check out these printable invitations to set the mood.

(image via) Local rental companys have inflatable movie screens like shown below and often are available in party packages with the projector and even a popcorn machine. The personalized cardboard cars are adorable and any kid would be thrilled to have their own! An added bonus, you could pair them with crayons and stickers and kids can take them home to decorate as a party favor. (image via)

And what would a movie be without good snacks!? Set up a concession stand with all your favorites!

(image via) (image via) (image via)   And what movie is complete without popcorn? This popcorn bar offers all different variety's for your guests to choose from. (image via) Personalize it with these printable popcorn bags. (image via)

End the evening with a tasty treat, look at these cupcakes, incredible!

(image via)

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