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Many of our products are made in you know why?

Many of our products are made in you know why?

Many of our products are made in you know why?

When you come visit our stores and work with our design teams, you’re greeted with a warm, friendly welcome. As you walk around the store, you explore many different looks and feels…many of them with traditional New England coastal charm, others a bit more modern and contemporary, but all with a feeling of being at home.

We love the feel of our store environment - it is made up with goods brought to you from traveling all over the world, looking for the best of the best.  Sometimes we find things in exotic places like Indonesia or Italy. But many times, we look for and try to find things made right here in North America.  Why do we do this?  As a business based in the US, we feel that it is important to support other US businesses, certainly. And quality and craftsmanship is often as good right here in our backyard as anywhere in the world…and sometimes even better! So yes, this plays a role.

But it is also a practical solution for us, and for you. Part of the beauty of Boston Interiors products is that you can customize so many things, from fabrics to shapes to finishes. And if we work with local craftsmen (and women!) then the best part is that we can get it to you quickly. Custom made furniture and quick delivery don’t always go hand-in-hand. But when it is made in America, that formula works. So in seeking the best local craftsmanship, we took a recent trip to see one of our upholstery manufacturers based in North Carolina and our team learned more about the bench made approach given to each and every piece of furniture. Skilled artisans carefully build and wrap each piece of fabric onto the frame, making sure they are tailored perfectly and the cushion comfort sits like a dream. Even detailing like nail head trim or fabric piping are added with care.

 Another team headed north to Maine, to see how some of the solid wood bedroom pieces are made. Each piece of our Cottage collection is hand-crafted using locally sourced, sustainably harvested wood.  Almost everything can be customized in dozens of colors and details such as knobs and drawer pulls can be added for just the right look. Even shapes carved out of wood, add that ultra level of customization giving you that truly personal vibe in your home.

So yes, the world is often our oyster and we work daily to find the beautiful “pearls” out there, but we don’t ignore the fact that some of these gems are found right here in America.  Stop on in and check them out for yourself.

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