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Layers of Light

Layers of Light

Layers of Light
lighting seafoam table lamp,  centrifugal table lamp
Light in a room can be truly functional….after all, you need to see the book you’re reading! But, it’s also a key element in creating the mood of a room. The “rule of thumb” you’ll hear often is to “layer” but, what does that mean? It means think of the room left to right, and top to bottom, and place your light sources accordingly. When thinking top to bottom, you can create layers by mixing lighting at different heights within the room. Perhaps you already have built-in ceiling lights, then add two more dimensions with a tall floor lamp and a table lamp at different heights. When thinking left to right, don’t place all the lighting on one side or in only one corner of the room; space it around the room to keep it balanced.
lighting 1. geometric wire pendant - large, 2. geometric wire pendant - small, 3. shantung arc floor lamp, 4. geo floor lamp, 5. island light

Some extra tips to keep in mind:

  • Have a dark corner? Bounce a light off of a mirror!
  • Lampshades don’t have to only be white. Consider other colors & shapes to add even more depth and interest to your room. Texture is great, also!
  • Color can also be in your lighting. A unique base on a table lamp can bring out colors to accent your upholstery.
Create your very own well-lit & functional space!

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