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How to Style a Bookcase

How to Style a Bookcase

How to Style a Bookcase
Styling a bookcase can be a tricky task to master as they often look too cluttered or empty. Here are a few tips on how to style your bookcases in a way that feels organized and visually appealing. e0df3a63ddc97416b73f63c40f4a8e69 1. Vary the scale of the objects you're placing on each shelf. From large items set back, like the frames below, working smaller objects in toward the front. Alternating stacks of books horizontally and vertically from largest to smallest like shown above adds loads of interest.


2.  Group smaller items and collections together for a cohesive and uncluttered look.

1-houserulesblog.wordpress Jars and small boxes also look great stacked on top of each other or side by side.


3. Just because it's called a bookcase, doesn't mean it has to be strictly for books! They're a great space to display wall art and unexpected items.

e63b22bbccf1fedfc9b6afdea158393b4. Sneak in some hidden storage with baskets and boxes. Not only will they anchor the space, they are great for storing odds and ends you don't necessarily want to display.

321deed63c7bd6ae2ba85904f601ec2880480de26d575a7b1fd17131bbecdb75 5. Remember to keep some areas simple and embrace the white space on your shelves. Having less items gives what you do have displayed more focus and attention.


6. Finally, use color to organize. By staking your books by color coordination and keeping the majority of accessories to a monochromatic palette, it makes for clean and uniform space.

3323045c603c59e444b007258b7f8bfa We're liking the warm color scheme below, this bookshelf has just enough pop of color, but it is still keeping simple with the dominant white.


We hope these tips help you create a stunning display of your own!

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