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How-To: Build a Room Around a Statement Piece

How-To: Build a Room Around a Statement Piece

How-To: Build a Room Around a Statement Piece
Does decorating an entire room leave you feeling overwhelmed? Start by finding one piece you love and work from that for inspiration. Here are some helpful solutions on how to get started in the right direction… 1. Artwork. Have a piece of art you love? Use this as the stepping stone to build your room! The artwork below acts as the inspiration for color accents in this living room. The wall color and toss pillows were pulled from the primary color in the painting, blue, while smaller doses of green and purples are seen throughout the room. Other floral accents seen in the chair and botanical arrangements are also reminiscent of the painting.

101390208.jpg.rendition.largestWe found some great color inspiration from Benjamin Moore that would complement this space really well.


The botanical artwork shown below not only influences the overall blue and green color palette but also reinforces a nature theme into the space. Plants are scattered throughout the room and an eco-friendly natural fiber rug grounds the space.


  2. Lighting. Color is not the only thing that can help inspire the decor of a room, think about lighting! A classic chandelier might lend a more traditional style to a room while the wicker in the lamp below adds a casual rustic charm to this porch. The texture of wicker is replicated on the sofa and in warm wood accents. Notice the rustic accessories and coffee table that tie in this theme. Repetition of texture and style combined create a cohesive look. 101834320.jpg.rendition.largest   3. Furniture. Have a favorite piece of furniture? Maybe its an unusual find, an antique piece or a colorful accent, whatever it may be, use that as the main focus of your room's design. These blue/gray barn doors take center stage creating a stunning focal point in this kitchen. Similar shades of blue are seen in the backsplash and vase on the counter while glass paneled upper cabinets coordinate the chic country style. cd55d3ffef2b9bfcab70bd19ffa6adc1 This linen cabinet not only adds vertical height to help accentuate the tall ceilings, but it's distressed finish and sleek glass doors are seen repeated through decor and finish selections.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.01.27 AM

  4. Pattern. Look to pattern for inspiration to plan your space. A rug or pillow is a great place to start. Take this gorgeous rug for example, the pattern is reflected in the coordinating geometric pillows while a color scheme of aqua blue, taupe and cream are popping all around the room.


Using this pillow, with orange, blue, and green colors as our starting point we are able to pull coordinating pieces to accessorize a complete space.



Shown above: Vintage Rectangle Wall Decor, Mosaic Blue Cotton/Linen Pillow, Orange Botanica, Seed Glass Table Lamp, Sea Glass Coral Rug, and Pear Canyon Throw   Key points to remember:
  • Choose one statement piece, it can be a picture, light fixture, rug or a piece of furniture, to work from.
  • Pull color, texture and pattern ideas from it as the base for building your room.
  • Repetition will help keep your space cohesive and polished.
  • Always have fun!

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