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It’s holiday dining season! Is your home ready?

It’s holiday dining season! Is your home ready?

It’s holiday dining season!  Is your home ready?

Whether you’re having a formal sit down meal, the whole clan for a big family dinner, or just a few friends for some sips and snacks, how you set up your dining room can make a big impact on the flow of your event and the impression you leave. holiday dining room furniture

First, think about the practicality of the room.  Is it comfortable?  Do you have enough seating for everyone, without it being too crowded?  And do you have enough areas from which to serve? When thinking of a sit-down meal around the table, it’s traditional to have armless chairs at the side and more formal arm chairs at each end. 

Depending on the table, there is often a leaf available to expand the table and add room for even more chairs. Instead of those old folding chairs in the basement, perhaps a bench or some ottomans can accommodate more.  These easily tuck away making the room look less cluttered and opening up the access around the table. (And in our opinion, looks a lot better than those folding chairs!)Montgomery Dining Set with bench

For added serving area, try a bar cart.

Sometimes the place to keep the drinks and glasses at a party is the hardest thing to figure out – you know there will be a crowd there and you don’t want them in the kitchen where you’ll be prepping dinner. Good news! Bar carts are usually small and can easily roll to the perfect space – next to the sofa on Thanksgiving or in the corner of the kitchen for book club.  And if your neighbors are known to stop by for an impromptu visit – it’s easy enough to keep it stocked and at the ready year-round.

Taurus Bar Cart

A bar cart on wheels, a perfect sidekick for any host.[/caption For storage as well as serving, a hutch, sideboard, or console table is a great piece to add when you’re serving buffet style and for everyday storage.  Line up the food, plates, and utensils and have people help themselves. And you can either match it directly to your dining set, or use something eclectic and mix up your style.Rustic Sideboard, Monroe Console Table from Boston Interiors

If space allows, add a bar table and chairs in the corner of your great room, or in an apartment, as a great way to add some additional seating and entertaining space.

Bar stools add seating options from Boston Interiors

And who are we kidding, there’s always a crowd that ends up in the kitchen no matter how hard we try to keep them out. Counter or bar stools are the perfect solution to provide seating in this area.

The right pieces will ensure that your guests are comfortable, mingle and have a good time, and when the guests are happy, the host and hostess are happy! Next…stay tuned for some tips on making your meals and parties beautifully decorated!

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