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Hello Retro

Hello Retro

Hello Retro

What was once old is new again. Retro furniture styles and funky flower child prints were around every corner at High Point market last week. Our favorite, and one of the most versatile interpretations on this trend - the classic button back sofa. Love, love, love.

So pretty and feminine. A classic button back sofa mixed into a contemporary shabby chic room - to die for. 

A bit more bold and contemporary, this one reminded us of our Maddox Sofa, (seen below) on sale for $799.

Why hello Ms.Giselle! Fancy meeting you here. Even our Giselle sofa was getting into the spirit of things - spotted in a lovely 1960's avocado colored fabric. We currently have the Giselle stocked in both white and chocolate microfiber, on sale for just $799. And of course there are many custom fabrics to choose from as well...including avocado of course;)

Button detailing on loose pillow backs was a slightly different spin on this look. Hmmm, this one reminds me of something... Hello. Anyone else think the popularity of the show mad men has had an impact on this retro revival?? If you're feeling inspired, we have lots of fun special order fabrics that embace the retro vibe. Perfect for an accent chair or throw pillow! Stop by and check them out for yourself. 

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