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From petite to chic

from petite to chic

from petite to chic
designing for small spaces The New Year is underway and it's a safe bet you're looking around thinking, "What can I change?" If you live in a small apartment or have rooms in your home that are woefully undersized (I'm lookin' at you, tiny "guest room!"), you may feel limited in what you can do. Take it from us: you can do a lot with a small space. If anything, it's an excuse for you to be more focused and economical in your decor decisions—making the utmost use of every inch. Emmett The Emmett leaning desk and bookcase in one. multipurpose storage The number one complaint from those with limited space is:
"I have nowhere to put anything!"
We hear you. But every closet-less room can redeem itself with sneaky storage solutions: from an adorable ottoman with a removable top to a storage bed with multiple drawers for clothing (who needs a bulky dresser?!) to a leaning bookcase/desk like the Emmett, above.   mirror mirror on the wall... And yes, another tried and true trick: mirrors! They make a world of difference in creating the illusion of more space. Apartment Therapy adds that you can maximize this illusion by grouping mirrors together, turning them on their side, adding a mirror next to the dining room table to allow for softer lighting—just like restaurants do—and more. Astra Chair The Astra swivel chair (in special-ordered fabric) with a bold, space-creating mirror above. Hawkins Dresser The Hawkins dresser topped by the 48-inch Twine Mirror. invest where you ingest Zillow may have boasted a “spacious eat-in kitchen,” but is it really? And do you actually eat meals at the kitchen table, anyway? Hyannis flip top table If you tend to eat at the center kitchen island or breakfast nook, you should try smaller, fit-to-scale dining pieces with an extension leaf or flip top, like the Hyannis, above. bar and counter stools for entertaining Catalina backless counter stool, Audrey swivel counter Stool, Brentwood counter stool, and Yasmin bar stool. all work + all play = more space Making double, or even triple, use of a piece of furniture can save ample square footage. If you multitask in your home office from 9-5, let your furniture do the multitasking 24/7! Just as the Hyannis flip top can be used as a console table or desk, the Santiago, below, can serve as either a desk or a dining table as well. [huge_it_slider id="5"   sleeper + sofa = even more space A full-sized sleeper sofa, like the 71-inch Slater, is perfect for entertaining guests in a cramped space. Then, when all the wine is put away, pull it out and offer them a comfy place to sleep. [huge_it_slider id="6"   and about that mattress delivery... Bed-in-a-Box is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Navigating stubborn nooks and crannies of your home with an unyielding mattress can be a major pain point. We get it. Pssst, we want to let in on our best-kept secret: we have one of the most affordable—and comfortable—bed-in-a-box options on the market. Our Queen-sized mattress-in-a-box ships free and direct for as low as $495. Bonus? It expands right before your eyes. So if your front door or staircase is small, no worries! Here's to a spacious, comfortable, and happy 2018 from us at Boston Interiors!

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