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Fabrics for Your Lifestyle & Prints to Adore

Fabrics for Your Lifestyle & Prints to Adore

Fabrics for Your Lifestyle & Prints to Adore
Last Sunday, our Saugus location held a special Design Event themed Love the Furniture You'll Live On. Sunday brunch & mimosas?  Yes please. SaugusDE6 The event began with a questionnaire where attendees were able to determine which fabrics would best suit their lifestyle. Results fell into one of three categories:
  • A: Active households where fabrics that are more durable and easily cleaned would be ideal - Performance Sunbrella and Microfiber
  • B: A home where regular entertaining and natural style shines through will benefit from strong and durable fabrics with a crisp look - Pre-washed Cottons
  • C: Eye-catching and trend focused, these fabrics are made of more delicate fibers - perfect for occasional entertaining and statement spaces - Natural Fabrics, Delicate Fibers
Which category works for your home? Our Design Associates had great tips for how to maintain the life of your upholstery as well as some interesting myths they helped to expose. For example, did you know that fabric pilling is totally normal? Synthetic fibers specifically are more likely to pill than natural fibers because of their great durability and strength. These fibers “anchor” the pills on the fabric rather than them breaking off (as seen in natural fibers). As an added bonus, all upholstery upgrades are complimentary during our Custom Upholstery Sale. Once you know the type of fabric that works for you the fun begins - patterns and color choices! They covered every pattern from basic stripes to ikat to tapestry and encouraged guests to use the 60/30/10 rule: Think of one color as making up 60% of your room, a second color as 30% and a smaller pop of color as 10% of your room. SaugusDE2 Then the team quickly transformed our Atwood Sofa between two looks - a neutral modern look and then a boho look with turquoise accents. SaugusDE5 Thanks, Saugus Team. You are fabulous. Wish you didn't miss this event? Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about events and special offers.

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