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Even more color your world

even more color your world

even more color your world
Spring has sprung in earnest here in New England, and we’ve officially caught the color bug! In our last post we highlighted ways to set the vibe in your home, from bold accent walls to cheery accessories. But who’s to say the furniture can’t stand in as a source of vibrant, eye-catching bedazzlement? The [good moody blues As we stated in our last post, blue can embody a sense of calm, and with varying shades like cornflower and pebble blue - you can’t go wrong with blue tables, benches, cabinets...or even a sofa. Blue can be dusty with gray undertones for a lived-in feel, or it can even be layered tone-on-tone. blue sofa and living room furniture clockwise: shay side table, ashfield bench, beatrice cabinet, kent console. bottom: mandi sofa Get razzed up You can pair neutrals, like charcoals, with bold raspberries and fuchsias for maximum effect, like with this Astra swivel chair, and accent the piece with another bold color, like teal or green. Still not sure? We admit, raspberry is bold, but when grounded, it can add an undeniable statement to your home. regatta sofa and raspberry accents clockwise: fuse rug, razia spice pillow, astra swivel, regatta 2-piece sectional Seafaring greens Whether you're inspired by Mother Earth or the heart chakra, glorious shades of green never fail to turn heads. We like it in soft tones of seafoam, or kelly green. Emerald, too! green accessories and furniture clockwise:
nadine accent table, kelly linen pillows, fern print A, seeded glass table lamp in meadow green, and fern print B.   Stop in or shop online (coupon code MM) for our Memorial Day Sale, going on now, where you can save hundreds on upholstery and bedroom furniture in your favorite green, raspberry, and blue shades, plus hundreds more fabrics and colors!

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