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Easy Summer Updates

Easy Summer Updates

Easy Summer Updates

Warm weather and long, sunny days bring both excitement, and restlessness. As spring turns to summer, it’s natural to desire that your home reflects the breezy, light, and vibrant aspects of this season.

Now is the perfect time to refresh your space so that you can enjoy the season in style. With just a few simple updates, it can be both easy and cost-effective to transform your home into a summer oasis.


Celebrate summer's abundance of life by bringing the outside in. Consider accents with natural elements such as light-washed wood dining tables, benches, or chairs that showcase organic grain and distress marks for a light and earthy look.

Details such as woven or wicker designs on accent pieces can also add a touch of coastal charm.

If you’re looking for an even more subtle way to incorporate natural elements into your space, adding greenery is always a great option as well. Whether it’s a small succulent, a potted porthos, or a plastic palm, plants are a fantastic way to breathe natural freshness into any space.


Swap dark or neutral accents for bold, bright hues this summer to liven up your home. Colors such as light blue and yellow are timeless summer staples that bring sun and sky into any space.

Experiment with different shades of these classic colors, or opt for more trendy looks such as a chic emerald green or coral. Easily incorporate these colors into your home with a bright accent pillow or an eclectic accent piece.

Integrating vivid pops of color into your home will not only add a warm vibrancy that matches the summer season, it can also be a great outlet for creative experimentation.


The long, light summer days bring renewed energy. Embrace the natural light, and enhance darker spaces at night with accent lamps .

One easy way to make the most out of the summer sun and maximize natural light is by swapping dark curtains for white linens. Even when the curtains are drawn, your space will be airy and bright.

Similarly, swap duvet covers, pillow cases, or even rugs to capture the light with brighter fabrics.

Mirrors can also help lighten a room that may not have as many windows by reflecting light, and adding an open look. Consider a large round mirror to give the appearance of a refreshing pool of light.

When the sun goes down, add in whimsical light fixtures such as hanging lamps or twinkly lights to bring fun, relaxed coastal elements into even the dark corners of your space.


The most exciting part about refreshing a space can be the opportunity to eliminate clutter and even reevaluate your personal style. People’s tastes are constantly evolving, so let your space evolve as well!

De-clutter, and remove pieces that you no longer connect with. Whether it be a cracked vase, an unused and dated end-table, or a worn accent that needs an upgrade, use this refresh to decide how your home can better reflect you and your lifestyle in both form and function.

Love sipping coffee and watching the sunrise? Find the perfect chair to place by your window. Looking to change your style from modern minimalist to rustic coastal? Pick out accents that inspire a natural beachy coziness.

Summer style is all about keeping it fresh, so freshen up your space by cleaning out the old, and filling it with pieces that make you happy!

Come by any Boston Interiors location for inspiration on your summer look. We can show you some ideas, help plan a new color palette, or even come to your home to help with one room or five. Plus, with our 3D room planner, you can actually visualize the finished product to help you decide. See you soon and happy summer!

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