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Easy Breezy Summer Updates

Easy Breezy Summer Updates

Easy Breezy Summer Updates

Update your home with accessories that reflect the summer's laidback vibe. It's easy to do and the best part is you can re-use and re-purpose items you find in nature or those that you already have laying around the house. For example...

The monochromatic palette of white mixed with natural elements is perfect for summer. Find a weathered piece of beachwood or log from your yard to use as the main focal point then fill glass jars with shells, rocks, rice and candles to add depth and interest. (left image via, right image via)

This mantle looks so perfectly crisp with a similar color scheme.

These nautical candles are a super easy DIY project! Wrap a textured rope around the candle base and adhere with a sewing pin at the top and bottom, this way it can easily be unwrapped without damaging your candle. Craving a little more color in your display? Use an old piece of wood to write a special message with colorful chalk. So fun! Loving the contrast of white and black frames with beach themed artwork here... Looking for a creative activity that your family can do together? This display really captures all the fun summer has to offer. Collect objects from each activity that your family loves to do and group them together in front of a chalkboard or large family photo.

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