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Easter Inspiration

Easter Inspiration

Easter Inspiration
There's no better way to celebrate Easter than egg decorating! These creative ideas have come a long way since the old fashioned color dye in a coffee mug technique.

1. Doily Stenciled Eggs 2. Pressed Flower Eggs 3. Glittered Sticker Eggs 4. Ribbon and Decoupage Eggs 5. Metallic Eggs 6. Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs

Another fun craft is this DIY garland, it's adorable and can easily be made with extra paper or fabric you have laying around the house.

image via If you are hosting, don't forget the centerpiece. It's another easy way to incorporate your decorated eggs.

Top left: Colored Eggs Flower Vase, right: Egg Hunt Centerpiece Bottom left: Robins Egg Nest Centerpiece, right: Tiered Egg Display

Of course it wouldn't be a holiday without some festive treats! Add a little pastel food coloring to some deviled eggs and you get these fun appetizers! image via And for dessert, how cute are these chocolate covered strawberries? image via Lastly, if an Easter egg hunt is tradition in your family, the kiddos will need something to collect all their goodies in. Something as simple as gluing a cotton ball to a paper bag or adding a flower to a plain basket will easily do the trick.

Left: Bunny Tail Bags, Right: Embellished Easter Basket

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