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Customizing your wood furniture

customizing your wood furniture

customizing your wood furniture
In a recent post, we discussed how we can help you make decisions on all of the options for customized upholstery pieces. Did you know there are also a ton of options for your wood furniture as well? Living room, dining room, bedroom…many come with a variety of choices! Choices are wonderful, and short of getting our own hammers and nails and building pieces ourselves, don’t we just love the ability to make things special to us?! But with all this power of selection at our fingertips, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused. Once again, break it down and if needed, ask the experts for some help!
monroe-600blogMonroe 5-Piece Dining Set- Mist, Monroe Windsor Arm Chair - Mist, Swanson Cabinet, Hampton Views Artwork
What do you like—or not like? Browse popular websites like HOUZZ or design magazines such as Coastal Living to identify the looks that you like. This will be helpful to narrow down a color palette. For example, did every piece you picked out have dark wood tones? If yes, then you know it’s easy to cross off the light wood options right away. Was every photo you picked full of color? Great! The “watermelon” dresser is right up your alley!
cottage-all-colors600Cottage 6-Drawer Dresser, from left: Blue Slate, Corn Silk, Watermelon.
Also look at these pictures for an overall sense of style. Did they all have a relaxed, casual look to them? Or maybe they’re more modern and full of clean lines? This, too, will help when it comes time to select leg options on a dining chair, or drawer pull options on a dresser, for example. Size it up, & know how it’ll be used It’s important to think of how the furniture will be used (i.e., how many people need to fit around a table on holidays?) and to make sure it’ll fit properly in the room. So, be sure to measure the space. Having an idea about size will allow you to remove some of the guesswork and free you up to concentrate on other choices. customdining Now you know the size of the room you’re going to fill, and the color you’re leaning towards. Just a few more steps and then you’re done! Finalize your selection, & let the craftsmen get to work
hendersongroup-6Henderson Nightstand: from left, Cherry, Natural, Café
When you’re at the store to make your selection, everything available is not necessarily in front of you. Often with wood pieces (like bedroom chests, or tables) there will be other sizes and finishes offered. Many wood stains come in a vast range of color tones. For those of you who think wood grain is not your style, some collections offer painted finishes that can give you bright or brilliant colors on your furniture. And often times, you can even choose the handle hardware style as well. So, be sure to ask what you are NOT seeing that may be ordered! Once the order is placed, these custom pieces, designed by YOU, can be ready in just a few weeks. Enjoy!

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