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Customizing your upholstery

customizing your upholstery

customizing your upholstery
In this day and age, we can customize and build our own anything…which is great, right? We get to decide on our personal coffee flavor, order custom fit jeans or update our phone case with a picture of our new puppy. But did you know, you can also customize your own upholstered sofa, chair, or even a headboard? designcenter It’s true! And the choices and combinations are almost endless! Choose from: over 500 fabrics, hundreds of styles & configurations, wood color on legs, nail head trim, or fabric piping. blues What does this all mean? How do you choose when the selection is so overwhelming? Let us help. You can do it in 4 easy steps: What’s your description? Think of a title or headline for your room, how you will describe it to your friends? “This is my light and airy sunroom” or “This is my kid’s TV room!” This may help bring a visual to you…will you head for the white and yellow florals or ask to see the toughest leather that can withstand 6 year old boys? Take a seat Do you like to sink in or float on top? Different cushion options will provide different feels. The best way to choose, is to determine if the feel is right for the way it is going to be used. In other words, is it movie-watching cozy or do you want it to be grown up conversation sitting? Down feathers in the cushion will make it more sink-in-comfortable and dense foam will make it a firmer sit. Choose a fabric, or two So now the “sit” is right and you are staring at a rainbow of colors in fabrics. Knowing the answers to some of these questions will help you narrow down your choices a bit:
  • How important is durability and care-free maintenance to you? Is it family gathering nightly or only open on holidays, no kids allowed?
  • Do you see the sofa as the main piece in the room that you will create a fun palette around by adding fun pillows and accessories? Or
  • Do you want the biggest piece in the room to be a show stopping pattern?
  • Is this an accent chair that can allow you to be a bit more creative in your choice of fabrics or finishes?
conrad chair: peacock, ice bluepewter [sunbrella
Prices of these fabric selections can vary, so be sure to ask questions, although, it may not necessarily cost you more to get the qualities and colors in a fabric that matter to you most.  Add the finishing touch You’ve done all the heavy lifting, and now you can focus on the fine details to complete the look so it’s just what you envisioned. Pillows are the most natural place for color or pattern. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your choices on the pillows.   In addition, you can use a contrast fabric, on some styles, for the piping on your piece to add a little unexpected punch. Or maybe on a headboard, you could add nail heads detailing for a fresh look. And if the legs on your chair or sofa are showing, you can often choose your wood stain color to match the other pieces in your room. So, have fun customizing your new furniture and be sure to enjoy it as you sit back and drink your personalized coffee drink while flipping through the latest news on your custom covered phone. draper_nailheads

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