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Customization made easy (& affordable!)

Customization made easy (& affordable!)

Customization made easy (& affordable!)

Customized: Made specifically for you

Curate: to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation

Personalized: to make personal, as by applying a general statement to oneself

Customized, curated, personalized - whatever you want to call it, there are so many products out there now-a-days that you can totally make your own: footwear, phone cases, handbags, t-shirts. You can even make your own postage stamp. But, did you know you can also design your own sofa?  For no extra cost to you at all?   Our Camby sofa comes to life in bright pops of color.

When you are considering a new sofa, sectional or chair, your first thought is probably to see what you can find…and cross your fingers hoping you can find something you like. And if we had to guess, you probably find a lot of the same thing….a sea of beige or some solid neutral color sofa that’s fine but…just not perfect. If only you could change the fabric to be a little darker.  Or if only you could correlate that floral chair you love, with a beautiful striped sofa. Or maybe have really bold toss pillows! If only you could get that gorgeous fabric you saw in a magazine that you thought you could never afford! Well, we’re here to tell you some good news! You can!

 You may be surprised to find out that this month, you can customize your very own sofa with any of our fabrics, for no extra cost!

That means, you don’t HAVE to buy exactly what you see. We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from and you can put your own spin on it.  You may have thought this level of customizing your furniture was for high end designers and those that had money to burn. Not so! Anyone can do it.  And if you are nervous about it, we can help you visualize your whole room, right in our store. So go ahead, customize until your heart’s content with FREE fabric upgrades on any sofa, chair, sectional or fabric accents, for the entire month of September. So don’t let custom (or curated or personalized) scare you. 

Get exactly what you envision for your home, right now!

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Finding the perfect sofa, fabric, dining room set, and any other piece of furniture is an important decision. With the help of the design experts in all of our stores, we can help make that decision a whole lot easier. Choose from our free in-store or in-home design services available.

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