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Yes, it’s time to consider custom

Yes, it’s time to consider custom

Yes, it’s time to consider custom

The good stuff in life is worth waiting for

“It’ll be worth the wait!”. “Patience is a virtue”. “All good things come to those who wait”… While Boston Interiors may have hundreds of styles of furniture in stock and ready for immediate delivery, today we’d like to make a case for custom order furniture. Furniture designed just for you. It’s unique to you and fits perfectly in your home. Will it be better JUST because you waited? Yes, we think it will.

The era of Instant Gratification 

The last two years have been an exercise in patience and rethinking what you thought you knew. Your morning specialty coffee from a favorite chain, now delivered to your door (truly a blessing on a cold New England morning!) Every basic item from cat food to paper towels can be dropped at your front door, often by the next day. TV shows and movies are available on demand. But is having things immediately always the best result? When it comes to your home furnishings, you have the option to decide that for yourself.

Skip the waiting game

The furniture industry has been hit especially hard by supply chain issues, unlike anything we have seen before. But you want new furniture. Actually, you NEED new furniture. Fortunately, the Boston Interiors buying team has long and strong relationships with our vendors that has enabled us to continuously stock many immediately available items. In addition to what you see as ‘Ready for Delivery’, everything on our website is a fabric or finish we consider a ‘stocked’ item, meaning that it is available for delivery immediately, or sooner rather than later.

Achieve your custom design goals - at no cost

If you like the look of these stock items, and they’re the perfect size for your room, then that’s a win-win for you. But what if it’s not QUITE right? You want a different size, color, fabric, configuration, arm style… our Design Services team can help you with all of the details to create the perfect-for-you piece. In-store design consultations are always free.

That PERFECT piece 

A blue chair to match the ocean outside your window? A table small enough for a family of four, but that becomes big enough to seat all your relatives? We can help you make it just right for family night, holidays, or simply any weekday, for years to come.

Rome wasn't built in a day

We’re not here to sugar coat it, though. It will take a bit longer for your custom piece to arrive to your door. Is patience a virtue you have? Can you cover that overused dining table with a tablecloth until the new one arrives? Perhaps you decide on the sofa in stock fabric for now, but brighten the room with a custom designed chair to arrive later? (Save 20% off all Upholstery this month!)

Make it your own

Waiting may feel easier knowing its being custom made for you. And once it’s in your home, it’s sure to become your favorite spot to cozy up and order that Grande Macchiato dropped right at your door. Worth the wait? Yes, you and your home are definitely worth it! With thousands of styles, fabrics and finishes, let us help you design it your way.

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More for Your Home

on-demand design services

Finding the perfect sofa, fabric, dining room set, and any other piece of furniture is an important decision. With the help of the design experts in all of our stores, we can help make that decision a whole lot easier. Choose from our free in-store or in-home design services available.

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