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Coasting into Summer

Coasting into Summer

Coasting into Summer

What does “coastal” style mean to you? To us, it means light and breezy and a color palette extracted from the sand, shells, sky, and sea. And sometimes, it means an intentional blurring of indoors + outdoors.

Whatever gets you to the light…it’s alright

The #1 key to a coastal vibe is light. It can be natural light beaming through the wall-to-wall windowpanes in a sun room. Or it can be faux sunlight—illumination from lamps or twinkle lights—so you can pretend you’re in a sun room.Afternoon nap Even the brightest light can be conducive to the deepest nap, so long as you’ve got a comfy sofa.

To brighten a room, your first inclination may be to bathe it in white. White is pure, clean, and appealing, but to achieve a true beachy, seaside vibe—don’t forget to add some color, too! One way is to feature patterned accent walls, using fresh designs like navy and white herringbone. The effect is still bright, but it also injects symmetry and visual interest to the room. If you really can’t stay away from white, two-toned furniture can help balance the look. Catalina Bedroom with Herringbone accent wall Texture

We talked a lot about the importance of natural texture in our beach house makeover blog, and it remains true: the more earthy or distressed texture, the better. It can manifest in a woven abaca bed or could be any sort of accessory, from a Jute or fringed pouf to a tassel or fluff throw. Up the (Sea) Wall

Navy Star Sunset TideSailor Mirror

There is something to be said for the apt placement of nautical-themed accessories on a gallery wall in your home. They add depth and dimension and bring beach elements right into your home. And who said nautical spaces were relegated to gathering rooms for guests? Bedrooms can adopt a nautical vibe, too.

Catalina Bedroom

Blurred Lines

Did you know that you can place a slipcover sectional or sofa, like the Kennedy, outdoors? Open air living, coming right up. Pair this with a weather-sturdy teak coffee table, outdoor pillows, and a chic outdoor rug.

Kennedy Outdoor sectional sofa

 A bonus of outdoor rugs is that while they can offer essential water and mildew resistance for your deck or porch, they’re also great for high traffic indoor areas, like a mudroom. Outdoor rugs generally require little maintenance and are often made from synthetic materials, making them stain resistant and non-porous. It doesn’t hurt to do a little upkeep, though, such as using a garden hose to rinse off big spills and then drying the rug directly in sunlight. And because of a pesky little outdoor byproduct called “dirt,” be sure to vacuum regularly to keep the dirt from settling into the fibers (this can cause mold). Durable, weather-resistant materials to look for in outdoor rugs:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Bamboo

Coastal outdoor rugs

Paddle Tales
Company C Paddles Entryway Rug, made of polypropylene for weather resistance.
Ticking Stripe Outdoor Rug
Made of polyester + recycled plastic bottles.
Sand Dune Rug
Company C Sand Dune Rug: 100% polypropylene with intricate weaving, braid and cording texture.
Margie Ultramarine 5X8 Rug
Polypropylene, water, mildew resistant

  Stop into one of our nine stores across New England, or shop online to view our vast selection of coastal décor, for indoor and outdoor living. Take advantage of the remaining days of our Memorial Sale, where everything is on sale, up to 15% off, including Outdoor furniture. Stay cool this summer, and stay coastal.

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