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BIG Ideas for Small Spaces

BIG Ideas for Small Spaces

BIG Ideas for Small Spaces

Suddenly, there is a change in the air and we find ourselves packing away the flip flops and beach umbrellas and turning our thoughts to backpacks and back to school.

Here at Boston Interiors, our Back to School season isn’t about crayons and white glue, but furnishing small spaces for our clients! It can be small spaces like dorms or your first grown up apartment. But small space living is not just for the young. Downsizing from the big, family home to a more easily maintainable empty nest house or condo has become the new normal.

When we still have stuff and less space to put it, every choice of furniture and storage needs to count and perform more. Multi-function, space saving and hide away become the priorities in the selection process. It’s OK to think big. The common misconception is, “I have a small space, I need small furniture”! Too many little chairs and little tables lined up can be a lot less effective way of using your space. Results are cramped and cluttered.

 Incorporating larger scale pieces in the living room, such as our Solano or Stuart sofa/chaise, will give you the feel of a sectional but the option to store the chaise during a party and use the extra cushion to make it a sofa. No space for guests? A living room looks a little more like a guest room when you add a sleeper to your sofa or even to a sectional. 

Chairs, too, can tuck away extra sleeping space with a twin-size mattress. Landan Sleeper Chair And you don’t have to compromise comfort! Many of our sofa collections contain “Apartment size” sofas. These are smaller than standard and larger than loveseats but you get the same comfort with that just-right size!  It’s like magic.  A slim lined sofa table becomes your dining room when you use both flip top leaves. It then becomes a laptop desk by flipping only one side open. Butterfly-leaved dining table self-store the extra leaves so you can fit more guests when you need to.

San Marino Dining set
Nesting side tables stack into themselves for minimal everyday space but then help each guest hold their drink or plate when separated!

Trace Nesting Tables

Upholstered and Leather ottomans are great coffee tables and then can double as extra seating in a pinch!

 Things are looking up. Take advantage of high ceilings by looking up for storage. Taller pieces claim more vertical space (and less floor space).  Especially if closets are at a minimum, an armoire can be your best friend. Consider them for every room, as these can be helpful in kitchens for cookbooks and linens, or in a bathroom for towels and cosmetics.

  Lingerie chests are narrow and taller which frees up traditional bureaus for sweaters and tees. Plus, these chests easily tuck into an unused corner of bedrooms or bathrooms.


Where did it all go? Storage is something that can be completely disguised. Beds with built in drawers can hold off-season clothing. Many of our collections also have options to special order drawers that roll away under the bed (be sure to ask your Design Associate)! Henderson Storage Bed

Our Hideaway, Stash and Ari ottomans also accomplish this task. Stash toys, magazines or extra blankets and pillows out of sight.  Spatial planning is a skill and an art. No corner or under bed should be overlooked and under-utilized. Small spaces need BIG ideas. Let the teams at Boston Interiors help do that for you!

Our Design Services can give you the plan to maximize your space and have you living large!  

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