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A Guide to Custom Ordering

A Guide to Custom Ordering

A Guide to Custom Ordering
A core principle in both life and interior design is to never settle for anything less than love. Your home should be filled with quality pieces that truly reflect your personal style and, more than anything, inspire joy. While finding furniture that you adore and creating a character driven space can seem like an insurmountably overwhelming task, custom ordering furniture can make it easier.

Oftentimes, people don't consider ordering custom furniture because they feel that it will be too expensive, too difficult, or they just aren’t sure where to begin. We were fortunate enough to be able to speak with Ashley, a Boston Interiors design associate, in order to shed light on the custom ordering process.

Choose the perfect place

The first aspect to figure out is finding the perfect space to showcase your piece. According to Ashley, the living and dining room may be the best places for custom furniture, “These are gathering areas where you would have people over and you can show it off. It’s a completely unique piece so people might want it in a place where their guests and family can see it, and since living and dining rooms are entertaining spaces, those would be in the top two.” Wherever you host and spend the most time will be the best place to invest in furniture that most reflects your personal style. If you want to craft a space that makes you happy, make yourself and your style the focal point of your home.

Luckily, Ashley and the rest of the Boston Interiors design team is here to help you with every part of this process. They can provide 3D floor plans, product recommendations, and styling advice so that you can easily figure out exactly what you want and visualize how it will all come together.

Determine your needs

Once you’ve chosen your space, it’s important to take your lifestyle and values into account. Ashley explained that her first step when working with someone is to determine how they want the space to feel. “Usually warmer colors like beiges, reds, oranges and yellows, and microfibers or suede-like fabrics give a bit of a cozier feel, whereas cooler tones feel a little more crisp, sometimes more coastal, or updated.”

Once the mood of the space is determined, it’s time to dive into how the piece can be individualized even further. Ordering custom furniture allows you to physically channel your values into your home. Of course, you’ll want these made-to-order pieces to support and enhance the way you live. Plenty of pets or kids? Consider a performance fabric for optimal durability and minimal care. Environmentally savvy? Try eco-friendly cushions, or a sustainably harvested wood frame.

Ashley noted that she always finds out as much relevant information as she can to help out her customers, “A lot of times, we try to ask questions to narrow down their options like, ‘do you have kids or pets?’ ‘Are you worried about staining?’ ‘Do you have cats?’.” Ashley emphasized the importance of choosing the right fabric, “I always like to bring up the texture of things, because sometimes people love the color of something but they don’t like the feel…For instance, textured fabrics like tweed can hide hand-oils, basic wear and tear, or stains, whereas a smoother fabric without many highs and lows will show a stain a lot more.” Everything from preference to lifestyle is taken into account by the design team, so from the frame to the fabric, you can have complete control over your piece.

The best way to decide what fabric or wood finish you connect with is to see it in person. Oftentimes, a picture cannot truly capture the exact color or texture of a fabric. The same goes for wood species. Each type of wood has its own unique characteristics and each finish varies in color. In order to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want, Boston Interiors offers numerous finishes and hundreds of fabric samples to look and feel through to ensure that every detail, from comfort to color, is just how you like it.

Enjoy the Process

Custom ordering offers a truly exciting opportunity to get creative, and learn more about your personal style.

Being able to experience the manifestation of your creative vision is an extremely rewarding moment, and many quality custom pieces become keepsakes that are passed down and shared through generations.

According to Ashley, the value in custom ordering is “having a piece that’s really your own, it’s completely unique and it feels more like you and more like home because you took the time to choose the exact fabric that you wanted, to build the room of your dreams.”

Whether you decide to order custom or stock furniture, choose a piece that reflects your values down to the fabric and finish. At Boston Interiors, we never want you to settle for anything less than exactly what you’re looking for. Visit your nearest Boston Interiors location to kick off your next project with us! We can’t wait to help you get started.

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