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5 Rules to Design Your Home

5 Rules to Design Your Home

5 Rules to Design Your Home
  1. First Rule: It’s OK to Break The Rules
  2. Layout Like You Live
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Uncomfortable
  4. Fall Off the Trend Wagon
  5. See Rule #1

We’re used to this scenario: A customer visits one of our showrooms, in half panic-mode, (OK sometimes full panic!) at the thought of making selections to refresh a room or even an entire home.

They usually have watched a few HGTV shows, scrolled through Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok…some armed with copious notes, and arrive overwhelmed and confused. Often people think they need a guide book, a rule book that tells them what to do or better yet, what NOT to do. No need to panic! Your local Boston Interiors designers are here to help.

Here’s a few “rules” to get you started. 


#1 First Rule: It’s OK to Break the Rules

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Rules are created to protect us from harm or keep things in order. If it’s something you do not agree with, the rule can make us feel boxed in or confined. Rules in design must be adaptable and changeable to your unique home, style, and how you live.

Design guidelines simply cannot work for everybody and every home. How do you define what is contemporary style? What is traditional? Frankly, all of us have many likes or dislikes. And not every modern, chrome legged sofa will be your favorite just because you like more contemporary looks. We are not one dimensional. We are not just one style. Most of us live with other people in the home or have family treasures we don't want to part with. We can’t ignore what people like or discard a treasure just to stay true to a particular style.

What about “rules” for mixing patterns in fabrics? Stripes and florals together, can we do it? Our reply is: “Do you like the result? Does the combination excite you? Is it something you want to look at?”

Forget the rules and remember “feels” and “does it work for you?” Go ahead and mix patterns and styles. There are no wrong answers if you feel happy, comfortable and safe in your space!


#2 Layout Like You Live

Floor Plan Bedroom

Making a floor plan of the room, with measurements, tells us that something will actually fit in the space. But we also must consider the use of the room. This is a big factor for the overall layout and what pieces should be selected. Two sofas or a sectional? Well, do you like family cuddles or do you frequently have guests over who want their own space?

Often there are so many more options to fit your needs than you might see online. We are here to help to sort through all the choices. School work for the kids? This may be the perfect way to add a desk to your living room to monitor progress and still feel a part of the space. It can work well in their bedroom too, or we can help designate a whole new area to school work and remote offices.

We can create the floor plans to help you visualize the space and select the best pieces to fit. We will even come to your home and do the measuring! We can help see your vision come to life.


#3. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Uncomfortable

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Change is good. Change can sometimes be uncomfortable, though. Stepping off the proverbial ledge in design by making selections that are different than what has “always” been there can make your pulse race a bit. Often though, it is that little step out of your comfort zone that becomes your favorite! The bolder color choice may have you a bit nervous, but the results become exciting and something you’re glad you did.

We have all new life experiences that will color our choices (that pun was intended!), and with the huge selection of performance fabrics that repel stains, or slipcovers that can be laundered easier, yes you can finally have that white sofa you dreamed of.

Pretty and sensible can live together as well. How do we make Dad happy with his chair, but still have it look good in the space? Recliners are so comfy and now they are pretty too


#4. Fall Off the Trend Wagon


We see hot off the press design trends for 2022 in social media (follow us @BostonInteriors on Facebook and Instagram) and TV shows. We definitely review them here, too.

Trends are great as they may show you combinations of color you hadn’t thought of before. Most of us want to be in fashion, we want to be hip and current to our friends and family, but being trendy with an investment like furniture may get costly if you have to replace large collections seasonally! Instead, select the ones you like.

Adding trends through less expensive accessories and pillows can refresh entire rooms with just a hint of the latest trendy color. Don’t let a passing fad dictate purchases that will be around long after everyone has moved on.


#5. See Rule #1: Break The Rules


Your home is your home. You live there and bring in the people you care about most to join you in safe and (hopefully) beautiful surroundings. You may not know exactly how to get the look you want but with a little help from the design teams at Boston Interiors, you can decide what design rules are right for you and your space.



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