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2023 Emerging Interior Design Trends

2023 Emerging Interior Design Trends

2023 Emerging Interior Design Trends

As we settle into the second month of 2023, new design concepts and trends are beginning to take shape and take hold across the nation. From a revival of vintage looks to an emergence of modern concepts, an array of trends rooted in bold design and built on self-expression are on the rise. Read on to learn more about what these trends are, and how to stay on top of these new looks in the coming year.

Striking shades

The past few years have marked a more conservative approach to color in interior design. While neutrals have had their moment, 2023 is set to be a year characterized by a fearless embrace of bold colors. People are stepping outside the safety of grays , creams and other light neutrals and welcoming a more daring and exciting palette. From wall-paint to accent pieces, we will likely see an influx of rich, warm, and moody colors in the home.

Pantone’s recent color of the year reveal aligns with this new attitude. This year’s color, Viva Magenta, is an electrifying jewel tone described as a “powerful and empowering”, shade of red that “encourages self-expression without restraint”. Viva magenta is assuredly a barometer of shifting approaches to color and design, revealing a growing interest in implementing vibrant, dynamic colors in the home.

Along with warmer, bolder, and darker colors, black accents are becoming increasingly popular. Adding depth, drama, and contrast to a space, black furniture and decor make an impact, and are a sure way to add sophistication to any space.

In with the new…and the old?

Colors aren’t the only aspect of design that’s becoming fearless, a growing interest in sustainable style and an ever-present desire for self-expression are giving rise to combining contemporary and vintage looks. Renewed appreciation for 60’s, 70’s, and even Art Deco design elements have allowed for a more experimental approach to styling spaces. Instead of relying on typical design binaries such as “modern” and “traditional”, more people are evolving their styles into eclectic blends of looks for a completely unique space.

Not only does mixing design characteristics of different eras provide more creative opportunities for showcasing personal style and interests, but it also allows people to easily implement second-hand pieces or antiques into their homes to create a more sustainable space.

Sustainable sensibilities

As the state of the environment becomes grimmer, it is becoming both increasingly essential to make sustainability a priority when styling a space, and increasingly prevalent in emerging design trends as well. While we already mentioned that second-hand and antique furniture are great options, they aren’t the only ways to create a sustainable home. Researching how furniture is made and whether the materials are sustainably sourced before purchasing can be just as effective.

Buying case goods such as dining and living room tables and chairs that are produced with sustainably harvested wood, or wood that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified is a great start when looking into purchasing sustainable new products. Another important feature to pay special attention to when purchasing case goods is finishes. Products that contain water-based finishes or oil-based finishes with low Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are optimal, as they don’t pollute the air with toxins when they are being applied. For upholstered items, finding furniture with cushions made from plant-based renewable materials or recycled materials is a simple way to introduce new and sustainable pieces into your home.

Details, details, details!

Living through the pandemic has instilled us with a renewed appreciation for the small things in life. Excessive amounts of time spent in the home has led many people to want to romanticize every aspect of their space. The concept of “limitless luxury” became a massive trend in 2022 and is based in adding detail and beauty to even the smallest spaces in homes. This trend is likely set to grow into 2023 as people continue to beautify and update even the most utilitarian parts of their home, embracing luxury in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and forgotten corners.

Limitless luxury can manifest as details like gold trimmed bathroom mirrors and cabinets for a touch of high-style glamour, or it can be as simple as adding eye-catching book ends to elevate that boring shelf. Whether it’s a simple accent , or a complete makeover, limitless luxury is about using details to transform your home into a stylish sanctuary, where every space is pleasing and comfortable.

Bringing back boundaries

Open floor plans have dominated design preferences for decades. Many were drawn to the appeal of airy spaces and easy communication, and while open floor plans are still the preferred home style for many, it is steadily becoming less popular. With a large portion of the population now working remotely, many people are struggling to share spaces with partners, children, and even pets, and privacy has become more important than ever. People have come to appreciate physical boundaries in the home, and closed floor plans are falling back into favor.

While this may be upsetting news to the many people who have open floor plans and still want to keep up with trends, there’s no need to completely remodel your home to create physical boundaries. An easy and cost-efficient way to create a closed floor plan is simply rearranging furniture to block off space. Adding bookcases as makeshift dividers, or even turning sofas and chairs to face away from the other side of the room can allow for a cozier and closed-off setting.

Need help blending vintage and antique pieces with contemporary rooms? How about finding ways to incorporate exciting, bold colors into your home? Are you overwhelmed by the idea of limitless luxury or rearranging your floor plan? Find your nearest Boston Interiors showroom and come in for a completely free design consultation Design experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, help you discover your personal style, and create a beautiful space.

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